With its continuous innovation in real estate, Internet and emerging technologies, iSoftStone Smart Real Estate promotes business with technology, addresses challenges with knowledge, assists customers in building an all-round commercial real estate IT system, and boosts the competitiveness of enterprises. On the basis of the "product + service" model, iSoftStone Smart Real Estate covers all business sectors of the real estate industry, providing enterprises with comprehensive and unified industry application solutions and services including whole life cycle business, whole industry business model, products conforming to the industry standard, and SaaS Application + Cloud Platform, and building time and energy saving, diversified, and personalized one-stop services for enterprises.


Making use of its own technological advantages, iSoftStone Smart Energy Business provides comprehensive energy management measures for facilities related to water, electricity, gas, oil, heat, and coal to help the city manage increasing energy needs effectively, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption; helping the city use energy smartly and efficiently, realizing the city's goals of energy saving and emission reduction, and effectively relieve energy pressure to provide a strong guarantee for smart city construction.


The financial industry represented by banks and securities has always been the highland for technological innovation and application innovation. With further development of "Internet+," a new round of information technology revolution centering around customer service, business innovation and industrial upgrade has promoted the transformation and upgrading of financial services. Based on the sustainable technical services that are deeply rooted in local financial industry services and oriented to international large financial institutions, iSoftStone has established strong financial ITO delivery ability. We've provided comprehensive technical services in all rounds including consulting, technical development, testing, operating maintenance and others for famous international bank institutions, most large bank institutions and many regional bank institutions in China. We've got professional solutions in many fields including the trading system, management information system, data analysis and data mining, mobile Internet and others, and we've possessed sustainable delivery ability spreading within the entire country.


iSoftStone provides development, implementation, transformation and maintenance services for the core business system of an insurance company, and provides development and operating maintenance services for the information statistics, auditing, classified supervision, payment ability supervision and other systems of an insurance regulatory institute. Meanwhile, iSoftStone has set up insurance industry service centers in such places as Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Jinan, Yantai, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Wuhan, Nanning and other places. With a perfect service system, it can provide convenient and rapid localized services for insurance companies. Possessing a series of "end-to-end" solution competency from consulting, solutions, system development and operating maintenance to system integration and others, the insurance industry solutions of iSoftStone has provided solutions for many domestic insurance institutes and owned clients of many core business systems in the property insurance area.


The iSoftStone security industry technical service is an important component of the technical service area in the entire financial industry. Over the years, relying on professional data analysis and data mining capabilities, we've provided all-round information technology services including data analysis, data mining, algorithms research, application development, professional testing and others for China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other domestic security supervising institutions, exchanges and many security service institutions (CITIC Securities, Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, CITIC Prudential Fund, CITIC Zhongou Fund, China Asset Management and others).

Telecom Operator

Possessing profound experience in the communication industry and a professional technical service team, iSoftStone has effectively integrated the work procedures of the service team and clients, showing a flexible end-to-end industrial solution service capability. Meanwhile, it can provide customized comprehensive services in accordance with different requests of clients. In terms of cross-regional communication implementation service, we can satisfy the demand of business development and operation management by telecom operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers comprehensively.


iSoftStone is becoming the trustworthy optimal cooperative partner that satisfies the demand of global clients, shows cost-benefit efficiency. In the high technology area, iSoftStone possesses diversified comprehensive solutions, while providing professional IT services for clients, it relies on its profound accumulation in the industry and helps clients to calmly correspond to the market changes immediately and promotes the clients products and technologies to go to the market more rapidly. Based on a new type of service mode, iSoftStone has established a strategic partnership with such famous enterprises as Microsoft, IBM and others, successfully applying mature and comprehensive IT service and industrial solutions to many fields including transportation and logistics, e-commerce, retail, tourism and others.


With the evolution of big data and Internet technology, the automobile industrial chain has also come into a period of revolution, and as a result, it is a common problem for the IT service enterprises to quickly address the rapidly changing client demands by enhancing their efficiency with new technologies.As a global IT service provider, with our keen insight in the market trend of the automobile industry, iSoftStone has developed a peer-to-peer solution capable of providing comprehensive services from the research and development management, supply chain management, and dealer management to the after-sales service management. Currently, iSoftStone has provided various services for nine automobile manufacturers and automobile dealer groups, and we have acquired great strengths and rich experiences over a long term in automobile research and development project management consultation, and automobile mobile interconnections.


The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail industry with high consumption frequency, short using time and broad consuming groups now faces the challenges of multichannel coexistence of traditional and emerging industries, and increased competition. As a service provider for innovative technology, iSoftStone provides the global retail enterprises with all-round services from implementation to operation, from IT consulting, business planning, industrial solution, customized development and implementation to system maintenance.

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