Joint Solutions - Comprehensive Regulatory Platform for Charging Facilities

Background Introduction

National Energy Administration statistics showed that as of the end of October 2016, China’s total number of electric vehicle charging piles has more than 170,000, the current pile ratio of 2.7: 1 or more. According to the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure of Electric Vehicles, the ratio of vehicle piles by 2020 should reach 1: 1.

In the Notice on Energy Work in 2017, the National Energy Administration has made it clear that 900,000 of charging piles are planned to be completed in 2017; of which 100,000 are public charging piles and 800,000 are private charging piles. This figure represents an increase of more than 300% over the charging piles holdings at the end of 2016.

Along with the development of new energy market and the introduction of various subsidy policies, the state clearly stipulates that all municipalities and provincial regulatory platforms need to be established to form an industry-based and government-led supervision and management system. This is a new development opportunity for the market and faces a series of management problems as follows:

Program Introduction

Comprehensive Monitoring Platform for Charging Facilities of ISoftStone charging facilities put forward the innovative concept of "one web" of charging service, "two platforms" of operation and service service, and "three handlers" of government regulation, to achieve a unified city charging service network, to create a service platform for operators and charging users, create a government-oriented subsidies and policy regulatory platform, through the effective supervision of the government, we will take the initiative to grasp the overall plan, optimize the layout of charging facilities based on the platform data, secondly grasp the interconnection and interworking, promote interconnection and to better serve the people's livelihood, thirdly conduct innovation and development, and lead the market to flourish.

The construction of comprehensive monitoring platform for charging facilities of iSoftStone charging facility management has effectively solved the "four unifications" problems:

Unified Planning:

Uniform planning of charging facilities layout avoids the blind construction of various operators, and the scattered distribution of charging pile caused, inconvenient and even a large number of deadlocks, and improves the utilization rate of charging facilities.

Uniform Release:

The platform provides a unified charging service entrance, to achieve a check of charging facilities, regional charging users can use an APP to complete all the operations, and ultimately easy to find a pile, easy charging.

Unified Management

Through effective management of the platform and real-time monitoring, it may ensure that subsidies can be truly safe and accurate in place, so as to effectively reduce the problems of malicious cheating and charging facilities being unavailable.

Unified Construction

Provide data support through the platform and provide the basis and means for formulation and implementation of fiscal, taxation and regulatory policies to promote the early establishment of a high-level and smart charging service network.

Customer Value

The values of the comprehensive monitoring platform for charging facilities are as follows:

1. Provide real-time monitoring, real-time warning, and a platform for all-round understanding of the actual layout and use of the situation of city's various facilities for charging and discharging, to audit and issue subsidies.

2. It has a clear access methods and access standards, simplify the upload steps, provide a simple subsidy audit approach.

3. It provides a stronger user stickiness for operators, and solves the pain of operating for small operators, increases the utilization of charging pile.

4. It can provide data support for car factory, car dealer, and promote 4s tracking service to remind users to carry out maintenance.

5. To capture the most complete, most accurate data to enable users to quickly, easily and accurately find suitable charging pile.

6. Improve the management level and efficiency of industry. Based on the continuous improvement of the informatization level in the business areas such as urban new energy vehicles and charging facilities, an effective integrated environment promotes the efficient integration of information technology and business management in the industry and effectively promotes the synergistic management of various businesses such as new energy vehicles and charging facilities and drastically improves the efficiency and standard of major business management of new energy sources.

Successful Cases

Charging Pile Project in Baohe District Government of Hefei

Under the overall framework of smart city building in Baohe Economic Development Zone of Hefei City, the Intelligent Charging Industry Alliance relies on the local good foundation of new energy automobile industry to unify the planning and construction for the charging supporting facility in Baohe Economic Development Zone, and establish a good supporting facilities environment for the popularization and promotion of new energy vehicles in Baohe Economic Zone, and ultimately to achieve the transformation objectives of city and industry integration to promote the overall development of Baohe Economic Development Zone and Hefei New Energy Vehicle Industry.

Public Data Collection and Monitoring Platform of Charging and Discharging Facilities in xx City

As an open and shared government convenience project, the construction of public data collection and monitoring platform of charging and discharging facilities in xx City  achieved the city’s charging facilities information interoperability, solve the trouble of installing multiple APPs, while as a platform of charging business operation enterprise under the regulation of government, it accessed to the majority of the domestic mainstream operator system, and realized the online reviews, online payment of the subsidy charging in the city through the supervision and management of business operations data, to eliminate cheating phenomenon. At the same time based on the accumulation of charging data, it provided decision support for government departments. So as to enhance the service level of the government and build a service-oriented government. In an intelligent business support environment, it helps to improve the government’s scientific and reasonable management measures for the new energy industry.

Charging Facilities Management Platform of New Energy Taxi in Taiyuan

As the first demonstration city of new energy taxi in China, Taiyuan introduced more than 8,000 BYD e6 as taxis. iSoftStone provides a complete set of solutions to escort BYD e6 taxis in Taiyuan City, at the same time, it adheres to the principle of "taking technique as a center", does not make a capital pool, does not make settlement interval and provides various payment methods, to protect electricity and service fee income to the carrier account in real time.

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