System Integration & Verification

Capability Overview

For over a decade, iSoftStone has committed to the model innovation of system integration and certification services and focused on the self-improvement of testing service quality, and adopts self-developed software and hardware testing system, to provide customers with a comprehensive one-stop professional-level testing services. Especially in the cooperate finance and hi-tech industries, iSoftStone helps customers rapidly to accelerate their products to the market, gain advantages in the fierce market competition and achieve outstanding results through the international leading professional testing skills and efficient testing services.

Through the long-term cooperation with many well-known customers at home and abroad and the accumulation of strong technical strength and extensive project experience, iSoftStone can provide customers with professional testing consulting, testing solutions, testing system construction, testing outsourcing, testing project implementation, use and procurement of testing tools, testing training and other services and testing platforms. Testing service platform includes: Testing management platform, automated testing platform, performance testing platform and testing knowledge base platform.

Service Scope

Hardware layer: It can provide the necessary laboratory environment and professional measurement equipment, etc. for the testing of all kinds of hi-tech electronic products and carry out standardized testing and operating service provider related testing. It can also set up the Offshore/Offsite Development Center (ODC) according to customer's safety and technical requirements.

Software layer: It can provide products with application-level testing and end-to-end testing services through the testing software and automation tools self-developed by iSoftStone.

Customer layer: It can provide products with multilingual, multinational user-level professional experience testing from multiple perspectives according to the application demand of the product-oriented user group.


iSoftStone has advanced and professional testing laboratories and experienced testing team that can help customers in the finance, hi-tech and other industries to carry out multilingual, cross-platform R&D and testing and provide quality professional services;

iSoftStone provides customers with complete, customizable end-to-end testing strategies, schemes and processes, to facilitate the establishment of a complete testing system;

Relying on the existing international advanced cloud service platform, iSoftStone creatively puts forward the concept of cloud testing, which can provide customers with more mature, efficient and convenient cloud testing services.

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