Global R & D and Production

Capability Overview

For over a decade, iSoftStone has committed to the improvement of global R&D and production capacity, and focused on providing customers with complete demand research, R&D and production management services. Especially in the terminal electronics industry, iSoftStone helps customers rapidly accelerate their products to the market, gain advantages in the fierce market competition and achieve outstanding results through the international leading research and efficient implementation capabilities.

Through the long-term cooperation with many well-known customers at home and abroad, iSoftStone accelerates strong technical strength and extensive project experience that can provide customers with professional product scheme research, solutions and implementation schemes, and is recognized by the customers.


Complete Industry Chain

For over a decade’s hard work, iSoftStone has greatly improved the R&D and production capacities of terminal electronic products.

Now, we are able to develop and produce customized terminal products according to market demand.

Multiple Languages and Product Object Globalization

Over the past decade, our products have been sold all over the world, covering 32 languages, and have a wealth of experience in market research and sales.

Grasp of the Style of International Production Management

Japanese enterprises have strong cohesion, dominated by the enterprise culture of “Harmony is most”; the management may be strict, but it is filled with humanity. They feel that the market competition is the competition among the teams, so the Japanese enterprise is also a place to talk about group coordination

Assistance of Globalization in R & D

With the further development of globalization and fiercer trend of international competition, Toshiba needs to coordinate the resources in Europe, Japan, and other regions in the R&D process of the notebook as well as develop global collaborative R&D capabilities, so as to adapt to the world complexity, product diversity and consumer preferences in different countries, and make full use of the global scientific and technological resources to reduce the cost and risk of product development process.

Complete Production Management System

Over the past 20 years, Chinese enterprises have always implemented the MRPII/ERP-oriented enterprise management software. The industry has a large number of ERP manufacturers and development teams; however, only a few of them will move forward to the MES direction, the reason is that: MES and industrial control have a close combination, and the R&D and implementation need a strong industrial automation foundation and a wealth of industrial field engineering experience, so the access of many ERP type IT manufacturers are denied.

With the help of Toshiba notebook base, we are continuously improving the MES R&D capability in the electronic terminal industry.

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