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The park is an important platform by which a city can develop local industry and strengthen its economic strength, as well as an effective carrier for expanding the regional economy and carrying out the transformation of industrial innovation. Under the background of “Internet +” and “innovation-driven”, Chinese industrial parks have stepped onto the smart development track, and smart parks with smart, efficient, open, and pluralistic features have sprung up rapidly around China, showing a rapid developmental trend. More and more parks are taking the opportunity to develop smart parks to build featured brands, thus simulating the development of related innovative industries, and creating new economic growth points.

By means of cloud computing, IoT, mobile Internet, and other technologies, as well as the park operation management service platform, iSoftStone Smart Park Solutions can improve the operation efficiency of park managers, and the enterprise service level and resident life service level in the park, as well as the clarity, efficiency, flexibility, and comprehensiveness of services, achieving services on-demand. In addition, it can set up a new park with independent innovation service systems, realize the sustainable development of the park’s economy, and build various featured industrial parks and comprehensive industrial parks, based on the informatization of industrial development.


iSoftStone’s Smart Park includes an infrastructure layer, platform layer, application layer, access layer, and user layer, according to the specific framework shown as follows:

Park infrastructure

The infrastructure is mainly based on the existing environment of the park to build a network, data center, smart systems, and smart buildings, etc. It is the physical guarantee for the integration of the IoT, communications network, and mobile Internet, which can realize the function of connecting the interior IoT sensing device and system to the communication network of the park, and achieve the transmission and exchange of the data in the network routing layer, as well as the information transmission in the supporting sub-networks.

The park operation management service platform

This platform is the core of the whole structure supporting the basic service application platform and the data service platform, which are designed to support the development of the smart park. The development of related applications based on this platform can greatly shorten the development cycle, and realize a unification of data, management, billing, and operations. This model not only satisfies the function and performance requirements of the smart park, but also implements the scalability of the system. After completion, the system can realize dynamic upgrading for new application systems or sub-modules. Data can be attached to the data layer by database classification, as long as it meets the data standard interface and system template specification requirements. Extensible template management can be added with the application of a subsystem template, and new applications or new functions can realize seamless integration with the original system, and thus the hardware can truly realize plug and play functionality.

Smart applications in the park

The unified application platform for the park includes the investment and leasing management system of the park (comprehensive management), the smart parking system of the park (property management), the business service system (enterprise/industry services), and the policy service system (government affairs/life service), etc. Users login to the unified application platform, and the system will automatically connect them to their management or service system according to their security login authentication, allowing every type of user to operate and use the system.


The portal is the entrance of the whole smart park; it integrates the subsystems/modules of the system, and provides the users with more intuitive and convenient information, an informative display, as well as business application and processing functions, all in an integrated way. Also, it supports various display forms (such as mobile phone, PC, tablet, call center, service terminal, etc.) of the WEB end and the mobile end (app and WeChat Official Account).


Users are the platform’s service objects, including the government, park managers, enterprises, employees, property personnel, and service providers.


End-to-end service capabilities

iSoftStone provides complete solutions from consulting, planning, showroom design, system integration, platform development, and service supply, to the cooperative operation of the park;

It supports the building of the smart park industrial chain capability, and the structuring of the smart park’s innovative ecosystem;

System integration

The energy management system can help build a low-carbon, energy-saving park;

The smart system of the park is fully interconnected, with thorough perception and centralized control functions;

The information system of the park is interconnected, with isolated islands eliminated and centralized management functions;

Value created by the information platform services

The park operation management service platform can reduce operation costs for enterprises, and enhance the investment ability of the managers;

The five major services in the park can comprehensively meet the needs of employees, and promote the innovation upgrading of the park’s industry.

Customer Benefits

For the government

Incubation and support for SMEs

Builds an ecological industrial chain 

Realizes industrial innovation and upgrading

Increases government taxation

Creates more employment opportunities

Promotes the positive ruling image of the government

For park managers

Realizes the industrial transformation and upgrading of the park

Upgrades the management service level of the park

Improves the efficiency of equipment management and maintenance

Enhances the core competitiveness for investment of the park

Expands the brand influence of the park

Allows access to value-added service operating benefits, and opens up new sustainable operating models and profit spaces

For enterprises/employees

Realizes bag checking for enterprises in the park

Improves the enterprise's informatization level

Improves the enterprise's office efficiency

Decreases the enterprise's operation costs

Enhances the enterprise’s competitiveness

Improves the staff's living standards

Typical Customers

High-tech Park

Culture Creativity Park

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park

E-commerce Industrial Park

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