Internet of Things Application Development

Capability Overview

In the new era of Internet of everything, iSoftStone IoT cloud platform uses software to redefine the world, and provide device access, device mapping(virtual things), management of virtual things, data analysis, application support and other services to cater application, management and operation needs of customers for various, massive and heterogeneous device of things connection. It can be widely used in field, such as manufacture, logistics, urban governance, environment protection, health, park area, etc., to help customers to extract data value of IoT, achieve service accretion. Upgrate industry modes and create new service and operation modes.

Service Scope

Development and Maintenance of Industry Applications

Hardware enterprise developer: provide end-to-end IoT application and development support services to enterprise developers; provide a large number of SDK to the device port allowing quick connection between devices and IoT platforms; provide northbound API services to developers and business application.

Enterprise developers of urban industries: provide urban governance/services and support to the IoT development of enterprises with the integration of mass urban IoT services, application, data and devices.

Customization of Industrial Application

Provide a set of complete industry solutions to enterprises which can combine existing products with enterprise characteristics to form a set of complete solutions for product development, including product design, implementation, launch and operation.


Easy Access  Perfect Networking

Overall and quick device access services to help you develop intelligent products in short time

Globally covered cloud node, never loss connection

Platform architecture with high concurrency and availability, ten-million level concurrence processing capability

Adapt to a variety of communication protocols, compatible with mainstream chips / modules

Flexible and open architecture, easy to dock with a third-party IOT platform or business system

Device-level authentication control, two-way data encryption, build end-to-end security connection

Simple Configuration Create Things From Nothing

Only through three steps, you can complete the device dissociation and map to the platform for management and control

Standardized and unified device description language

Unified command mapping service to achieve seamless linkage between devices

IFTTT task flow architecture design to achieve the combination and linkage between device and services and between device and device

Cloud-maintained virtual objects and loose coupling of data model

Support any changes and extensions of device properties and functions

Massive Data Can Work Miracles

Data storage and big data analysis services to discover the deep value of data and help customers find new business growth opportunities.

Distributed storage architecture, trusted data exchange

High data compression capability, excellent query performance

Support for customized data source

Rich charts, interactive analysis and experience

Open and massive API data

Application Development is So Quick and Convenient

Visual development framework, a perfect SDK and a rich Restful API interface making APP development so easy

Massive practical micro-service modules

Visual drag-and-drop development to achieve what you see and what you do is what you get

Generate iOS and Android mobile applications through one click

Rich Restful API interfaces

Perfect iOS, Android, H5 SDK and code examples

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