Mobile Application Development

Capability Overview

With the acceleration of mobile 3G and 4G networks and the popularization of smart devices, the market size of mobile applications has been increasing year by year. Mobile business innovations are constantly being refreshed. Mobile applications have become an important area for enterprises to conduct business operations. iSoftStone mobile terminal team was established from the beginning of the popularity of smart phones. After years of business experience accumulation and technical reserves, iSoftStone can provide a complete set of mobile application product program and project life cycle management from the initial operating system customization to the current R & D and design of mobile application products.

iSoftStone mobile terminal team provides services covering customized R & D, product design, solutions consulting, customized development of Android operating system, software maintenance and other aspects.

Service Scope

Customized Mobile Applications

To provide industry mobile information application development for enterprises. Cover platforms of Android, iOS and Hybrid.

Android Operating System Customization

To provide application customization of operating system from bottom layer to the upper layer based on the open source Android operating system.

Smart Terminal Integration

To provide smart device mobile application integration and adaptation and to help hardware manufacturers to complete the design of upper application product.

Consulting of Mobile Application Solutions

To provide complete services from front-end APP to design, R&D and consulting of mobile backend.

Traditional Industries Mobile Information

To help the traditional enterprises' business transform to mobile applications business and its promotion from design, implementation to operations

Mobile Application Optimization

A complete mobile application optimization solution covers memory, response speed, usability and other aspects and helps companies provide the competitiveness of existing mobile applications, improve efficiency and the number of users and user viscosity and other indicators.

R&D of Mobile Application Products

Combined with enterprises industry, cover product design, implementation, launching, operation and promotion to form a complete set of product R&D program.


Based on excellent project management, process, working methods and tools, iSoftStone can provide customers with complete development and operation & maintenance services. We strictly follow 6sigma standard to execute each step in the development process and use the CMMI5 process to improve approaches, always maintain close communication with our customers to ensure the completion of each project's key points.

With iSoftStone's years of technology and experience accumulation in mobile terminals, iSoftStone provides customers with efficient, reliable mobile application solutions, customized development, consulting and other aspects of services.

Complete technical solution from mobile front-end to back-end.

Efficient and agile development process

Rich industry experience accumulation, leading design capability for mobile application products.

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