Big Data Industrial Services

Program Overview

Big Data Analysis Product Services

This service provides the design and verification of solutions to the security and big enterprise fields, docking schemes and verification of system integration, online evaluation and cluster installation deployment, data and application migration, business system docking, system upgrading, expansion, and performance optimization, and disaster recovery solutions based on the Huawei OLAP suite of database product services.

OS In-Depth Customized Services

This service provides the design and validation of customized services for the lightweight operating systems embedded in mobile personal terminals and IoT wearable devices, as well as solutions for the integrated testing of mobile terminals.

Network Regulation and Optimization Data Visualization & Smart Services

This service provides integrated and efficient network assessment, an analysis and optimization platform based on geographic presentation, supports multi-vendor and multi-system network evaluation, network analysis and user analysis based on the accumulation of global optimization experience and the technology of large data mining analysis, and helps operators to improve the competitiveness of their network services.

It also provides customized services based on an open source WEB GIS system, with end-to-end offline mapping of business solutions for data analysis, service publication, and interface presentation.

The service provides solutions to the ETL customized development based on Hadoop.

Chip Design Verification Services

This service provides a rich range of single-disc capacity specifications, and supports standard storage device operations, device diagnostics, detection, and SMART information submission, notification hot plugs. Moreover, it provides maintenance management tools, supports full-process chip design and validation on the customer end, front-end protocol design, SSD, reliability, compatibility design and validation, and provides support for the development of fixed network terminal areas and solutions to the various customized demands of operators.

Core Capacities

Pre-sales, after-sales, and implementation of big data analysis products

Deep business customization based on the Huawei terminal operating system

Geographic presentation of network optimization planning

Design verification based on the Huawei XX chip


Relying on the strong R&D capabilities of customers, 3-5 years of technology accumulation have been achieved in the relevant fields, providing a deep technical foundation.

In-depth participation in the R&D process of various products in relevant fields, with a deep understanding that can provide professional customization and maintenance services.

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