Big Video (TV added value) R & D Solutions

Program Overview

Since 2008, when the Internet video concept began being applied into life, Internet videos have mushroomed out and flourished all around us. The increases in operator broadband speeds and the promotion of 4G/4.5G have provided the Internet-based video industry with a more stable and broad platform. 90% of users in the Chinese market already play Internet videos, with the strongest penetration rate in every field. Over 90%~95% of the bandwidth is occupied by the Internet video users, with video services, music, games, education, and community videos, respectively occupying the most user time in descending order. As can be seen from this, Internet video will become the most popular service demand among users, which will subsequently lead to the next revolution for the entire Internet. Amidst the changes in peoples communication needs and experience styles, video, especially 4K HD video, has become the primary trend, and in the future will become the basic business of operators.

iSoftStone’s Video Solution, based on networks, provides users with comprehensive, personalized, highly stable, resource-rich services, and provides value-added, comprehensive problem solving to video and multimedia communication (integrated with TVs, computers, and mobile phones, etc.). It is a comprehensive solution integrated with market analysis, operational planning, demand analysis, interactive design, product design, product development, product testing, and online operations.

Functional Framework

The solution is based on operator broadband and the 4G/4.5G high-speed mobile communication network, and provides solutions to customer-end products including C/S and B/S dual mode-based 4K and HD television broadcasting, 4K VOD, App Markets, Lanucher, video calling, video advertising implantation and marketing campaigns, etc., as well as solutions for video operation management systems, including video operation management systems, video operation monitoring systems, and big data recommendation systems, etc.

Core Capacities

Market analysis, operational planning

User-centered design (UCD)

Demand analysis, product planning

Product design, R & D for products

Product testing and solutions testing

Online edition and operation & maintenance


Professional Big Video R & D Team

This team can provide customers with the latest and most abundant media information, advertising promotion, and game application platforms, along with providing product recommendations, to guarantee the rapid realization of customer needs.

Professional UCD Team

This team can provide customers with rich experience in interactive design, across different age groups, regions, and genders.

Professional Big Data Analysis and Recommendation System R&D Team

As the video data center for the large video field, this team can provide customers with every variety of personalized and customizable  recommendation service.

Professional Operation & Maintenance Team

This team can provide customers with comprehensive guarantees for solution

Successful Cases

China Unicom intensive video R&D project

Fujian Mobile real home three-in-one screen R&D project

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