PBOSS Solutions of Internet of Things

Program Overview

Via connecting the SIM cards, sensors, QR codes, etc. installed on all kinds of objects to and interface and the wireless network, the object becomes endowed with intelligence, and can realize communication and dialogue between people and objects, and between objects and objects. This network connecting objects has become known as the Internet of Things. The IoT has three primary characteristics: scalability, liquidity, and security. The Mobile IoT is based on the mobile Internet and provides personalized, intelligent, and informative mobile Internet applications.

The PBOSS solution is a solution for product operation support systems. The main function of IoT PBOSS is to provide support functions for both businesses operations and domestic IoT users. The typical application scenarios cover the vehicle-mounted device industry, smart meter reading industry, wearable devices industry, wireless POS, among others.

Functional Framework

The solution realizes a centralized operation of IoT, multi-point acceptance and centralized opening of businesses, as well as the unified tracking and control of long processes. Its main functions are to provide unified management for products, resource management, service provisioning, information management, data consistency management, operation and maintenance monitoring, system management, etc., along with a uniform external interface. 


Unified Management Capabilities for Resources

Manages the 10648 and 147 special number sections of networks

Manages the allocation of resources to the provinces

Centralized Management of Products

Centralized definition for product management, released with one click

A platform for publishing products on the whole network

Unified Opening Capacity of the Business

Docking with private network HLR, sends service provision instructions

Unified Management Capabilities for Ordering Information

Manages IoT users and provides information on management capabilities

Unified External Gateway Capability

Open business capacity via a unified interface

Customer Value

Unified management of resources

Centralized management of products

Unified opening of business

Unified management of ordering information

Unified external gateway capability

Safety controls for SIM data

Serve the Customers

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