Enterprise Personnel Performance Evaluation Solutions

Program oOverview

Deep globalization leads to an increased competition amongbetween enterprises, so,thus the improvement of the corporate operation efficiency is an important issue for any enterprise will face; the national policies constantly require the governments, enterprises, and public institutions to strengthenreinforce and perfect the whole staff performance assessment system, and improve the working efficiency of the governments, enterprises, and institutions; the trend of enterprise management is towards the direction of humanization, integration, strategy, and networking. Strengthening and highlighting the innovation ability of employees is an important means to promote updating of enterprise competitiveness. Under those three backgrounds, the personnel performance assessment solution of enterprises provides perfect employee performance assessment and incentive management means.

Functional Fframework

Thise solution successfully establishes an efficiency management system with employees as its core, differentiates management and evaluation to things and persons, adopts modular design for the convenience of enterprises to use all or partial functions according to its practical needs, so as to better integrate with any existing resources.

It is mainly divided into four modules:

Staff performance: Management of staff objective and evaluation on task completion condition, called evaluations on things for short.

Staff appraisal: Evaluation on staffs’ ability, skills, character, body, family, and other aspects of staff, called evaluation on persons for short.

Staff motivation: Based on existing evaluation, intensify and guide index of staffs (things and persons) with different means.

Staff care: Maintain working efficiency of staffs, assist the managers for management, and provide early warning mechanism for staff productivity.

Program aAdvantages

Strong expansibility

Product application: Provide expansion solutions in each functional point, the use of which can successfully integrate different industrial plug-in.

ReportStatement: The report systemstatement platform can define personalized reportsstatements freely, extend demonstration of each report statement atfrom different viewsangles, and make custom function expansion for each view.

Basic information platform: Offer various basic information settings, and also can be able to dock with the existing ERP system in the enterprise.

Safe sharing of complete informationComplete information safety sharing

Fundamentally reverse the disadvantage that information cannot be shared amongbetween each relatively independent system. All information is maintained by a specially-assigned person. Ensure corresponding submodule information of the system can only be used properly within the scope of authorization by defining corresponding information browsing, invocation and modification permission, thus achieving that the information is displayed on the interface of the personnel in need in an immediate, accurate, and safe way.

Breaking through the space-time limit

Adopt complete B/S structure, ability able to log into the system through Internet whenever and wherever possible, inquire the human resourcesHR information of enterprises, submit or approve various applications, and accomplish numerous human resourceHR work. In the meanwhile, it also supports multiple people operatingusers to operate the system at the same time and obtaining the system service at the same time, actually achieving the mobile system to workworking.

Reducinge the working costs

As it pushes through the limitations of time, space and number of people, the time for transaction processing is greatly reduced, which can save direct and indirect costs of human resourcesHR management. Improve the competitiveness of human resourceHR management of enterprises at the same time, indirectly increase benefits of enterprises.

Improvinge the operation quality

Computerized, networked, and process working conditions and methods can help relieve the manual work burden of operators, decrease artificial misoperation factors, reduce mistakes in the work, and facilitate smooth butting docking of business process, while improving quality of human resourceHR management work and working attitude of staffall staffs, while offering a more convenient and better service.

Supporting role-oriented and face coordinated management of roles

Fully support the triangle mode of strategic HR management, making it truly help to improve human resourceHR management ability of the enterprises.


Customer Vvalue

This solution upholds the management concept of people orientedfirst, and perfects theenterprise management systems of the enterprise from target, tasks, resources, continuous improvement, and other angles.

Meet or limit various demands of employees staff in different degrees, to stimulate their demands, motivation and desire and fully excavate their potentials, thus propelling to reach the development goals of the enterprises.

Adapt to the development tendency of human resource management, change traditional human resource management mode, realize coprocessing of various data and businesses through workflow and approval process, to make the human resource management more applicable to rapidly changing social and economic development trend nowadays.

Establish standardized human resourceHR information database of group enterprises, achieve dynamic counting of personnel to provide human resourcesHR analysis data for decision making.

Build a planned human resourceHR management mode based on strategic development, making the enterprises be able to effectively realize the organizational capability of its strategic goaltarget.

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