Solutions for Knowledge Management Business of Enterprises


Enterprise knowledge management consists in creating a staff sharing culture and platform and achieve mutual improvement. If we compare the enterprise to a person's body, then, heart, liver, spleen, lung respectively are the market, research and development, quality, HR and other important functional management departments, and knowledge is the blood of the body, and knowledge management is the body blood circulation system. Knowledge management is the management behind all management.

Knowledge management can promote the settlement of business problems and avoid repeated mistakes through an expert Q&A, case precipitation, excellent practice and experience sharing, etc., to serve enterprise construction and building the enterprise with commercial cultures.

Functional Framework

The solution is characterized by building an all-round learning exchange platform with experience sharing, knowledge sharing, online Q&A, and training examination, so that employees can teach each other and improve work efficiency and individual ability to work, and adopting modular design for the convenience of enterprises to use full or partial functions according to its practical needs, so as to better integrate with existing resources. It is mainly divided into four parts:

Content management: Different kinds of knowledge are divided into separate applications to ensure the richness and extensibility of content, including document library, knowledge base, blog, microblog, Q&A, training, examination and so on.

Expert management: Specialist master their own fields; experts with special skills, as a separate management object, can provide solutions to specific domains.

Community management: People in different departments and with different specialties divided into different communities or a separate communication space established for the like-minded people will be beneficial for any work intersection.

Mobile terminals: Mobile APPs can realize knowledge sharing and learning at anytime and anywhere.


Unified platform

Establish a unified service knowledge platform.

Use the industry mature software products, and the build foundation capacity of the Platform

Establish a knowledge organization system in line with business demands

Flexible application

Provide the highly integrated, personalized search experience.

Realize knowledge-to-business intelligent push through a variety of ways.

Use AI to provide trouble shooting and decision support.

Organization control

Define the roles and responsibilities of the knowledge management at all level of organizations.

Realize a centralized control of rules, framework, demands, etc.

Develop a knowledge management process specification that is highly integrated with the business flow.

Operation and maintenance

Develop and publish knowledge creation, organization, and dissemination rules.

Build the knowledge sharing incentive mechanism.

Identify community classification, objectives and management system.

Customer Value

In addition to building a platform for knowledge sharing and learning, we have made a special breakthrough for the common problems of knowledge management, and further improved the knowledge management ability aiming at the common problems of four layers including platform, application, organization, and operation.

Platform layer

Unified service technical framework

Unified knowledge organization and classification

And highly integrated system

Application layer

Unified individual intelligent search

Intelligent analysis + Intelligent push

Machine learning + Intelligent assistant

Organization layer

Highly coordination in strategy and control

Unified investment development + Centralized management and control

Standard process + Business infiltration

Operation layer

Highly centralized and standard community operation

Complete performance evaluation and feedback

Sharing culture of game incentive mechanism

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