NGCRM Solutions

Program Overview

NGCRM is a new-generation customer relationship management system designed based on the concept of agile digital operation.

NGCRM's design integrates Internet elements such as e-commerce and social networking to help telecom operators improve customer experience. It adopts a design principle based on the separation of goods and products, and is embedded with an abundant array of product templates for quick product configuration. It is also has a hierarchical, decoupling structure, with multiple functional modules that can deploy independently to shorten the business change cycle.

Functional Framework

The main functions of NGCRM are the management of goods and products, customer management, order management, resource management, channel management, partnership management, and other functions.


In accordance with the customer’s business objectives and NG3.0 specification, the solution uses the SOA method to conduct service transformation for CRM core applications, and reconstruction to build a platform with five application centers and a unified business hub.

The solution has a core of product management, sales, and the opening process. It conducts service transformation for the product management, sales, opening, and customer service functions, and reconstructs them into service center with product configuration, an order and sales center, and a customer and order relationship center. The marketing and resource domains remain unchanged.

The solution conducts a standard integration of functions such as authentication, access, and hubs, forms unified business hub, achieving unified access to all channels, unified sales and service processes, and support for the coordination of intercity order processing.

Customer Value

High Concurrency and High Capacity

Cloud infrastructure, distributed technology architecture, achieving flexible scalability, support for both high-concurrency and high-capacity Internet-based transactions.

Massive Products that Meet Individual Needs

Diversified product categories and quantities, both physical and virtual products, flexible packaging of both telecommunications products and non-telecommunications products, meeting the individual needs of customers.

Coherent Customer Experience

Omni-channel customer contact, unified customer orders and customer viewing, allows customers to have the same experience for contacts from different channels.

Fast and Efficient

Rich templates for goods and products, quick configuration, and one-key publishing speeds up the TTM for goods and products. Loosely coupled modular architecture, flexible assembly of different components, and rapid integration all shorten the delivery cycle. One IDE integrated development tools improve the efficiency of development.

Serve the Customers

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