IaaS Platform R & D Solutions

IaaS Platform R&D Solutions

Program Overview

With the rapid development of the Internet and information technology, the concepts of virtualization, cloud, and service orientation have become the entry-level concepts for today’s IT industry, and the value of both automation and scale has become the main starting point for the transformation and development of enterprises. Agile development, automated testing, and automated deployment have become the basic capabilities of cloud-based services based on their innate characteristics, which are the foundational guarantee for the successful transformation to cloud-based services and applications.

iSoftStone provides mature, standardized API design and development services, with independent delivery service for cloud-based mini-services, and automated conversion service via verification of the cloud platform’s scale. In addition, it has rich experience in cloud platform and service-oriented development and testing, and in efficient delivery process approaches, which establish comprehensive agility and automation, and can support a variety of subcontracting demands for particle clouds, with the ability to be open, flexible, and mobile, and is an outstanding partner in the cloud transformation of enterprises.

Core Capacities

Development & maintenance for the basic services of cloud platforms

Manual testing and automated testing of cloud services

Automated deployment and integration verification of cloud data centers


Have a team with rich experience in development and verification of service interface and technical resources, with which we can assist the customer in large scale delivery.

Possess successful and independent experiences in micro-service delivery, with which we can make quick and independent delivery of the grained service for customers.

Have abundant experiences in automatic testing and automated deployment and transformation, with which we can help customers quickly build automatic test plants and deploy in an agile manner.

Successful Cases

A cloud platform NFVI scene automated test project

End-to-end independent design delivery project of services for a cloud platform

Independent delivery project for the private cloud and hybrid cloud configuration services on a cloud platform

Development and integration testing project for the management domain and operational domain of a cloud platform

Development and testing project for the standard interface of a certain industry’s cloud platform

Automated deployment tool development project for a data center’s  cloud platform

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