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Program Overview

The Development of A Storage Simulation Platform

A simulation platform is a platform software that simulates the underlying equipment and drivers, which can support the debugging and testing activities of storage products and business storage platforms in the Windows environment, support product software construction and return activities in the Linux environment, and is able to provide rich testing and debugging tools. It can solve the issues arising during the storage product development process, including a lack of material, equipment debugging problems, positioning inefficiencies, LLT and automated test deployment difficulties, among others.

Middleware OMM Development for Storage Management

OMM is an operation and maintenance middleware, bridges interactions between the NMS and the device. OMM is installed on the storage controller to perform periodic or event-triggered data acquisition from the storage device modules, and provides the NMS with raw data. The NMS then presents the device with various kinds of information for the user. OMM supports the operation and maintenance of equipment such as account management, remote support, fault management, performance monitoring, information acquisition, among other functions.

Disaster-Tolerant Storage Management Software Development

Based on characteristics from storage replication, snapshots, Active-Active, cloning, and virtual machine replication, the disaster-tolerant storage management software solves various problems of traditional management systems, including differences in recovery processes, difficulties in configuration, and time consuming and poor visual effects, etc. It realizes set of software which at the same time protects the virtual environment, cloud environment, and physical environment, and calmly faces the cloud challenges of the data center. It achieves business integration, management automation, disaster-tolerant visualization, and can be applied to a variety of aspects of disaster tolerance, such as local protection, high local availability, primary and secondary disaster recovery, dual active data centers, disaster tolerance at  three centers in two places, etc.

Storage Reliability Testing

This service provides industry-leading testing solutions and testing services for storage system reliability, and is based on a wealth of testing experience and the efficient delivery process approach with comprehensive agility and automation. It can support a variety of multi-platform, multi-particle system reliability testing requirements, subcontracting, it can be open, flexible, and mobile, is an outstanding

Storage Disaster Recovery Testing

This service is based on a robust, highly available data center fabric, with the impact on business availability from orderly and disorderly downtimes being reduced or even eliminated. It realizes whether or not there is an interrupt, and mission-critical applications are able to continuously create value and improve the company's business continuity bottom line. It establishes multiple data centers to realize business disaster recovery and becomes an inevitable choice for enterprises, allowing users to set up multiple data centers to carry their business systems, and achieving high availability for applications and minimizing losses from both normal and abnormal downtimes.

Core Capacities

Meets the requirements for development, automated applications, and maintenance of a simulation platform

Operates and maintains the functional development of middleware, such as performance monitoring, alarm management, user management, data synchronization, etc.

Disaster tolerant development, application of disaster-tolerant development, and the development of third-party system integration for physical and virtual equipment

Reliability tests for overall solutions, stress tests, stability tests, fault injection tests, testing tools

Main data center/disaster recovery data center testing, dual operations data center testing, dual active data center testing


Professional R&D team for storage products, which has independent design and development capabilities and testing capabilities for projects, with a profound understanding of the storage business, and the successful delivery of multi-phase product projects.

Mastery of cutting-edge reliability testing concepts and methods in the industry, which can bring our latest and most timely storage system development solutions and services to our customers, helping them to establish a complete and efficient process for storage product development.

Based on the operation mode of lean project management, it takes the initiative to plan business, instantiate practical needs, and to accurately meet these needs; independent research and development tools improve the efficiency of delivery; continuous star level certification of landed personnel, creating a fully featured team.

Successful Cases

Support for storage solutions for disaster-tolerant management software development

Enterprise-class disaster recovery testing center for a cloud data center

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