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Program Overview

In addition to basic accounting work, the financial work in Japanese enterprises also serves a regulatory function. However, complicated daily financial work wastes a lot of time for financial workers due to the heavy workload and high error rate, causing them fall into endless cycle of filling accounting vouchers, processing transactions, registering in accounting books, and other trivial work, preventing them from effectively performing their management function. Therefore, iSoftStone has launched solutions that comply with the financial management philosophy and methods of modern Japanese enterprises, and that reject universality and particularity in financial management, helping enterprises establish their financial informatization management system with advanced network technology, and achieving the purpose of enhancing their financial management.

iSoftStone's financial solutions for Japanese enterprises are applicable to every kind of enterprise. With an advanced financial management conceptual framework at their core, the ubiquitous automated processing and financial management functions strengthen the financial regulation ability of financial work, and improve the financial management level of enterprises.  These solutions can also comprehensively reflect the operational condition of the enterprise, helping the enterprise manager to quickly make decisions.

User-defined development is performed based on the base edition, according to the demands of customers. The solutions not only meet these demands, but also reduce the time and cost of development.

Functional Framework

The program mainly includes seven business modules:

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