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As an important part of enterprise assets, fixed assets constitute a corporation’s value together with their enterprise capital and intangible assets. The percentage of gross enterprise assets that are fixed assets ranges from 20%-75% in different industries. As one element of corporate management, fixed assets feature high value, a long service cycle, and dispersed usage locations. Thus, it is difficult to achieve one-to-one correspondence for accounts, cards, and objects in actual practice, which adds some difficulties to the use, supervision, change, replacement, consumption, and inventory clearance of real objects.  This has a direct and close effect on the statistics in data reporting, asset structure analysis, asset assessment, and any enterprise listing and reorganization based on fixed assets, and is therefore of great practical significance for the rapid development of enterprises.

iSoftStone focuses on the lifecycle of fixed assets as the main object for management, along with the characteristics of fixed asset management for Japanese enterprises, and integrated with with actual demands of customers. It carries out dynamic tracking for each link in the lifecycle of fixed assets, and successfully manages the value of fixed assets.  As a base edition, it can provide customized development specified according to the characteristics of the enterprise management.

Functional Framework

The program mainly includes eight business modules:


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