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In the era of informatization and globalization, enterprises shall collaboratively manage the supply chain among the suppliers, carriers, third-party service providers, and customers, carrying out efficient and collaborative management of logistics, information flow, business flow, and capital flow of the upstream and downstream firms. This in turn will effectively lower the inventory, increase the sales volume, speed up the circulation of goods, and improve the turnover rate for funds, and the efficiency of producing and circulating goods, allowing rapid response to market opportunities.


iSoftStone’s supply chain collaboration solutions integrate procurement, order processing, tracking, warehousing, logistics, finance, and insurance with intelligent collaboration. They support collaborative logistics and supply chain management of an enterprise cluster, and provide satisfactory products and services of the lowest cost, the fastest speed, and the best quality for users. Furthermore, they eliminate redundant links, optimize the industrial structure, and connect the supplier, manufacturer, retailer and final users into one networked unit, helping enterprises to realize operations with high efficiency and low costs.


Networked supply-chain collaboration

Promotes networked, collaborative development of the entire industrial chain and the value chain, and realizes upstream and downstream networked collaboration for the industrial chain.

Multi-business and multi-system collaborative operations

Achieves the collaborative operation of multiple businesses via effective collaboration for the internal and external supply chains.

Flexible configuration of the system, and rapid construction of business


Different kinds of logistics services are dynamically combined. Integrated and logical relationships among the different logistics services can be defined in the logistics program, the selection of which can provide effective collaboration for various logistics businesses.

Uniform and collaborative scheduling management, and timely prewarning adjustments

Achieves the uniform integration of internal and external resource information, and adopts a unified order scheduling and tracking strategy.

Visual tracking throughout the process to ensure the safety of the supply chain

The system can carry out whole-process tracking on business processing, to allow the shipper to learn about the execution state of the order in real time, while the forwarding agent can promptly know the condition of the transported goods, and the dealer can achieve an immediate understanding of their inventory.

Customer Benefits

Changes in the demands of enterprises can be automatically docked to the order management system of the supplier, improving the supplier’s operational efficiency;

The system can automatically plan the pickup path for the goods, improve loading rate of vehicles, and reduce logistics costs;

The system can precisely control the delivery time of the supplier, guide the supplier to prepare goods, and reduce inventory costs;

Real-time tracking and admission guidance for vehicles improves the efficiency of logistics.

Typical Customers

Manufacturing enterprises

Tranportation and trading enterprises

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