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As China’s economy rapidly grows, domestic resources, the environment, the costs, and other factors have had an increasing influence on the manufacturing industry. The Chinese government has put forward the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan, to accelerate the integration of the new generation of information technology with the manufacturing industry, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

iSoftStone fully implements its dual advantages in the automobile manufacturing industry and the Internet industry, and combines this with the related information technology for the IoT, the Internet, cloud computing, big data, etc., to put forward the iSoftStone automobile manufacturing solutions. These solutions are intended to help automobile manufacturing enterprises to quickly build a unified information service center, providing industry chain services from decision to implementation, from sales to production, from planning to design, and from the enterprise to its upstream and downstream partners. They are also aimed at ensuring that enterprises achieve efficient information sharing in the different links of the production process, fully integrating the superior resources between enterprises, improving the efficiency of all aspects of the industrial chain, and promote the information level of automobile manufacturing enterprises.


Based on the technological process requirements of the automobile production process, automobile manufacturing solutions perform production planning via a smart algorithm and the production requirements, and introduce the related links, including manufacturing, party procurement, parts supply, etc., allowing the manufacturing process of enterprises to be guided by an accurate information stream. At the same time, it can achieve feedback for the real-time monitoring of key nodes in the entire network, from the aspects of sales planning, production planning, parts order calculation and release, supplier dispatching, delivery, production, and manufacturing. It realizes automated production process improvement and scheduling, which provide a strong guarantee for stable production, and improve the overall production efficiency and production level.


Professional production schedule planning

Helps enterprises to realize the integration of production and marketing, based on the application of production management in Chinese manufacturing enterprises, and the product process BOM and marketing plan, as well as releasing the purchase order to guide and trace the supplier’s logistics process.

Strong integration capability

Able to realize seamless integration with BOM, SAP, EPS, MES, and other systems through the integrated interface the system provides, and creates a complete and smooth information flow for enterprises. Breaks the bottleneck for full-process monitoring occurring from sales, procurement, production scheduling, and inventory management.

Easy to use

The production planner simply imports the sales plan and configures the system parameters, and the production plan can then be scheduled. Visual management can be achieved in terms of actual workshop production, customer order changes, as well as company production capacity, supplier material supply capacity, and the logistics cycle, etc.

Customer Benefits

Realizes accurate demand prediction to improve the enterprise’s competitiveness

Realizes accurate demand prediction via a smart algorithm. Realizes complete flow tracking for the supplier’s entire order delivery process, reducing the cycle period, improving the efficiency of order delivery, and avoiding line stoppage losses caused by the delayed arrival of parts, thus ensuring the products are delivered on time, shortening the production cycle, and improving the enterprise’s competitiveness.

Ideal resource utilization ensures minimized occupied capital

Makes accurate enquiries and reduces parts inventory according to the plan-driven model and the new order calculation modes, such as the “resource idealization” order calculation mode, and thetail week list delivery” logistics distribution mode, etc., thus reducing the warehouse area, and realizing minimized occupied capital.

Reduces enterprise costs and improve work quality

Greatly improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs and management costs through complete-flow order tracking management. Eliminates labor redundancies in the business process, and standardizes the business process. The platform provides data integration services that can prevent randomness in the business process in real time, strengthening the basic enterprise management work, and further guaranteeing the work quality. 

Adopts modern management methods to improve enterprise management capacity

As data processing is automatically performed by the system, accuracy and timeliness are greatly improved, and the means of analysis become more standardized and diverse, which not only reduces the intensity of work, but also liberates the enterprise’s management personnel from  cumbersome transaction processing, providing them with more time to study the existing problems in the business process, use modern management methods to improve the management process, thus promoting the application of modern management methods in enterprises.

Helps enterprises to make correct decisions via real-time updating of business data

Improves the level of the enterprise’s decision-making by obtaining the enterprise’s dynamic business data in real-time, making correct decisions with the help of the simulation function of the smart platform.

Typical Customers

Automobile manufacturing enterprises

Other discrete-type manufacturing enterprises


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