Internet of Things Platform Solutions

Program Overview

Outside the real object space in which we are living, there is a virtual object space composed of time, space, energy, magnetic fields, dark matter, consciousness, gravity, chemical energy, and other intangible elements that "we cannot see or touch".

iSoftStone observes the universe’s secrets from a unique perspective, to break the onesidedness and limitations of the real object space, and creatively uses software to define the real object space, and mapping real objects onto the virtual object space. This process completely restores and presents the hidden energy, data information, functional attributes, temporal attributes, and other imperceptible elements, to break the time and space constraints of the physical world. We can also simplify and liberate the discovery, connection, combination, networking, and deduction between people and things, to help people find the value of the interconnection of everything by means of reclamation, tokenization, and semantization.

Functional Framework

In the new era of the Internet of everything, iSoftStone’s IoT platform uses software to redefine the world, and provides device access, device mapping (virtual things), management of virtual things, data analysis, application support, and other services to cater to the application, management, and operation needs of customers for various, massive, and heterogeneous device connection to the IoT. It can be widely used in many fields, such as manufacturing, logistics, urban IoT, environmental protection, health, park areas, etc., to help customers to extract data value from the IoT, achieve an accretion of services, upgrade industrial modes, and create new and innovative service and operational modes.

The entire functional framework of the platform is as follows:


iSoftStone’s IoT platform uses a "5 + 1" loosely-coupled modular design overall, and provides service support for direct device connection and cloud-to-cloud connection on the connection layer. It regulates device identification, device mapping, and device control instructions, and achieves loose-coupling between the platform system and the actual equipment on the device mapping layer. It provides the basic functions of the platform and support for external business applications on the application support layer. It provides the capability development services for specific applications on the API open layer, and for typical applications such as urban IOC, enterprise IoT applications, Mobile apps, etc. on the application layer. IoT security includes functions such as certification and authentication, classification definition, group domain security, and transparent recording of IoT devices to ensure the overall security of the IoT application.


Easy Access, Perfected Networking

Comprehensive and Quick Device Access Services Help You Develop Intelligent Products in a Short Time

Globally covered cloud nodes, never experience connection loss

The platform architecture has very high concurrency and availability, and a ten-million level concurrent processing capability

Adapts to a variety of communication protocols, compatible with mainstream chips / modules

Flexible and open architecture, easy to dock with a third-party IoT platform or business system

Device-level authentication control, two-way data encryption, built-in end-to-end security connection

Simple Configuration, Create Things from Nothing

Through Only Three Steps, You Can Complete the Device Dissociation and Map to the Platform for Management and Control

Standardized and unified device description language

Unified command mapping service to achieve seamless networking between devices

IFTTT task flow architecture design achieves the integration and networking between devices and services, and from device to device

Cloud-maintained virtual objects and a loosely coupled data model

Supports any changes and extensions of the device’s properties and functions

Massive Data Can Work Miracles

Data Storage and Big Data Analysis Services to Discover the Deep Value of Data and Help Customers Find New Business Growth Opportunities.

Distributed storage architecture, trusted data exchange

High data compression capability, excellent query performance

Support for customized data sources

Rich charting, interactive experience and analysis

Open and massive API data

Application Development is Extremely Simple

A Visual Development Framework, a Perfected SDK, and a Rich Restful API Interface Make App Development Very Easy

Massive number of practical micro-service modules

Visual drag-and-drop development to achieve what you see and what you do is what you get

Generate IOS and Android mobile applications through a single click

Rich Restful API interfaces

Perfected iOS, Android, H5 SDK, and coding examples

Efficient Operation and Simple Management

Rich Operational Components and Customizable Data Reporting System Make Device Operation and Management More Scientific, Simple, and Efficient

Flexible private cloud and public cloud deployment methods

Rich operational support components

Flexible authorization management, refined operational support

Seamless data integration of external business systems

Provides personalized and multidimensional customization services for data reporting

Value for the Customer

iSoftStone’s IoT Platform is a platform that connects and aggregates a massive amount of IoT equipment, for the integration and sharing of IoT business, the rapid construction of IoT applications, the integration and analysis of IoT big data. It is an ecologically open and co-constructed platform for the IoT, which adapts to multiple application scenarios and creates multidimensional value for the customers.

1. Urban IoT: in all aspects of city governance, services, and operations,  iSoftStone’s IoT platform can provide every real IoT device with an always-online virtual object mapping unit, thus breaking the isolation, heterogeneous, and dispersed state among the various vertical applications. It achieves unified management, strategic networking, data sharing, and business reuse for urban IoT devices and provides a comprehensive visual monitoring means and operational view by which urban managers can improve urban governance, services, and operations, and support new smart city construction.

2. Management of complex equipment and facilities: through the integrated management and operation of devices and iSoftStone’s facility platform, there is interconnection and high-efficiency collaboration among personnel, devices, energy efficiency, data, and systems, and centralized visual management and independent control for the IoT devices, facilities, and smart subsystems, such as complex machines, security and protection, fire control, illumination, and operations. This capacity significantly increases the operational efficiency and the service abilities of the complex, and lowers labor and consumption costs.

3. IoT empowerment for the products of manufacturers: iSoftStone can quickly empower enterprises through IoT, speeding up the development and upgrading of IoT products, providing one-stop solutions for cloud platform and big data services, and transferring products into services and data into value, thereby infusing new business logic into traditional enterprises, helping enterprises transform from a single product-oriented type into a comprehensive service-oriented type.

4.Industrial IoT: achieves high-efficiency interconnection and integration among various devices, equipment, instruments, robots, and sensors through iSoftStone’s agile industrial IoT platform, to perform device cloud monitoring, device energy monitoring, and process monitoring of the entire production process, which raises production efficiency, lowers energy consumption, and boosts the development of smart factories. Moreover, it provides quick access to discrete devices and equipment around the world through the platform, performs remote-control of devices and real-time monitoring of their operational state. It also provides remote device operation and maintenance, device leasing, and other services for customers, thus achieving value-added products and services.

5.Smart logistics: iSoftStone can comprehensively collect the state parameters and business data for vehicles, engines, smart terminals, oil consumption, cold chain equipment, sensors, cameras, etc. through a manageable IoT platform, providing firm support for the digital management of vehicles, refined management of drivers' behaviors, visual management of truck-road transportation, cold chain logistics, big data of vehicle connection. It also achieves interconnection among people (drivers, transportation agents, shippers, etc.), vehicles, cargo, road and cloud terminals, forming a management service system with high efficiency and low consumption.

Serve the Customers

Urban manager:   Unified management/scenario editing for urban IoT devices

Complexes/parks/communities/buildings: operations management of devices and facilities

Manufacturing: IoT empowerment for production/products/after-sales

Logistics enterprises: Smart transportation management/storage management

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