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Program Overview

iSoftStone’s Order Management System (OMS) primarily focuses on orders, to provide comprehensive and integrated planning, dispatch, and optimization solutions that allow specific logistics to meet certain requirements, such as order reception, division, combination, and transportation, preparations for storage planning, task allocation, event and emergency management, order visualization and others. The logistics execution modules of our OMS, WMS, and TMS systems are closely integrated, which significantly increases the implementation efficiency of the supply chain, effectively decreases logistics costs, and promotes the continual optimization of the supply chain. 

Functional Framework

Through order management and tracking, the OMS can dynamically control order processing and completion.



Meets the requirements of different information environments with multi-channel and multi-form order interfaces, seamlessly connecting every kind of system order.

Provides every kind of rule configuration, to meet the different needs of our customers. It also supports the automated order processing engine, and increases the efficiency of order processing;

Provides flexible modes of order processing to meet the different process requirements of every type of order;

Provides visual tracking services for all the processes of the entire order, along with the integration of upstream and downstream systems, to meet the management and tracking requirements of the customers, enterprises, and management teams.

Value for the Customer

Increases efficiency: improves the speed of order processing, raises the efficiency of order distribution, provides on-purchase and after-sales services.

Save on costs: chooses the proper means of transportation, decreasing transportation costs; adopts highly automated, intelligent technologies that cut labor costs; collaborates with the operation of the logistics business system to significantly save time and labor

Improves management: refines the management of processes; adopts a user-defined control node that enhances control over the entire business; carries out effective performance management for all of the business.

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