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Program Overview

Governed by logistics and transport management, iSoftStone’s Transportation Management System (TMS) coordinates the transportation information from all sources, such as shippers, payees, transportation enterprises, drivers, and third party logistics enterprises, etc., using IoT and mobile Internet techniques to achieve the collaborative management and visual monitoring of the whole logistics and transportation process, improving the efficiency of transportation and the utilization of resources, and reducing the logistics cost.

The Transportation Management System (TMS) is capable of managing the information of vehicles, routes, carriers, corporate websites, and other transportation nodes. It can achieve visual management of the entire logistics and transportation process, from order, dispatching, and transport planning, to transport execution, in-transit monitoring, and waybill settlement via collaborative tasking. It realizes high-efficiency, low-cost transportation services through a dual control of process and costs.

Functional Framework

In addition to traditional software product services, the Transportation Management System (TMS) also provides convenient and efficient transportation management services for third party logistics, LTL transportation, trunk transportation, and other logistics enterprises, by means of SaaS services.

Core Capacities

Supports a variety of transport businesses: Fully supports LTL special line, vehicle direct selling, city distribution, multi-modal transportation, and other transportation businesses, and is applicable to a variety of logistics enterprises;

Full-process control for cost profits: The accounting of cost profits is made by the order, throughout the whole process of the logistics order execution, from quotation profit prediction, to the accounting of the transportation process costs for each section, which provides the logistics enterprise managers with single-order profit monitoring, as well as an operating statement from the route, driver, and vehicle perspectives, helping the logistics enterprise managers to perform transportation

Visual and smart logistics distribution: Carries out reasonable and flexible vehicle scheduling via its scientific scheduling mechanism, including the customer, pick-up address, cargo attributes, task emergency level, and other multi-dimensional data, thereby improving the accuracy and efficiency of vehicle scheduling, and promoting the optimized utilization of vehicles;

In-transit visual tracking and monitoring: Monitors the vehicle status, running route, and real-time position during the transport process, and performs node control as per the routing to provide check-in and route deviation warnings, and thus the transport status is absolutely clear.


The SaaS service model lowers the threshold for information construction in logistics enterprises. The instant availability of the on-demand payment method allows logistics enterprises to carry out information services with zero investment, which can reduce the risk of enterprise input;

Widely supports the LTL, trunk, city distribution and other transport modes of various logistics enterprises, and applies smart scheduling, business collaboration, in-transit monitoring, visual tracking, and other means during transportation, making logistics and transportation management more efficient;

The concept of cost profit runs through the whole process of the order, which can help logistics enterprises improve their management by adjusting the ex-post supervision and fines for operating management into advance profit estimates and early cost warnings.

Value for the Customer

Achieves the whole process of collaborative management and visual monitoring of logistics and transportation, improves the work efficiency and resource utilization of transportation, and reduces the logistics costs through the application of advanced IoT and mobile Internet techniques, and via the convergence of the transportation information from the shippers, third party logistics companies, transportation companies, drivers, consignees, and other key agents.

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