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Program Overview

iSoftStone’s Smart Logistics Cloud Platform is an integrated and ecological platform of "logistics + IoT + big data" developed according to a combination of the service characteristics of the logistics industry, based on cloud computing, big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, and other advanced information technologies. The platform can fully integrate the related resources in the entire logistics industrial chain, by means of its "Internet + logistics" mode, providing all types of resource exchange and services to shippers, car owners, logistics transportation enterprises, vehicle maintenance enterprises, insurance companies, and others.

Functional Framework

The platform mainly provides logistics for e-commerce, logistics transportation, logistics storage, urban distribution, logistics information, finance, big data, and other related services.

Core Capacities

Supports a variety of order services, such as automated order distribution manual requirement matching, and other services

Provides multimodal transportation services, and achieves the integration of multiple transportation and operational modes

Provides optimized transportation solutions and route planning, by using its intelligent dispatch algorithm

Provides batch data processing with intelligent storage management

Establishes a credit system, and provides financial services

Flexible and convenient payment methods

Remote localization & tracking


Internet + logistics, makes logistics more effective

Intelligently connects transportation partners and shippers, changes the methods of traditional transportation management, revolutionizing operational processes, increasing logistics efficiency, and reducing logistics costs.

Comprehensive logistics business, makes services easier

Achieves comprehensive business management, and visual process management and control for every business procedure, through the integration of transportation, distribution, storage, forwarding, transfer warehouse management, impawning supervision, logistics finance, and charge accounting.

Customized logistics solutions, makes customers more comfortable

The system can provide multiple combinations of various logistics business modes, catering to the diversified demands of customers, achieving business coprocessing, and at the same time improving the efficiency of business processing and management.

Advanced IoT technology, makes logistics more intelligent

Achieves full-process monitoring for logistics equipment and cargo, based on the application of the IOT and mobile technologies, in addition to finding abnormal conditions in a timely manner, and sending early warnings, thereby improving the company image and customer satisfaction.

Value for the Customer

Logistics park: establishes a stable logistics service system, and fosters the ability to provide comprehensive services, improving the operational capacity and the management of the park, increasing the operating income and asset accretion of the park.

Logistics enterprise: raises the service ability of enterprises, enlarges the enterprise’s business scale, and boosting the enterprise’s income and profit. It also solves various problems, such as redundant deliveries in transportation, raising the enterprise’s overall competitiveness, and broadening financing channels.

Local government: provide mores taxes, improves employment, increases energy savings and environmental protection, gathers more talent, and brings more convenience to large-scale entrepreneurship

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