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Program Overview

Server Hardware, OS Compatibility and Authentication Test

The core technologies of all data centers and cloud computing services are large-scale, and are built based on the distributed deployment of large-scale servers. At present, the types of servers on the market are very complicated and the number of operating systems that match them is very large, which sets a very high demand for compatibility between the various types of servers and operating systems. Ensuring the robust compatibility and long-term stability of the underlying hardware products and their supporting operating systems requires continuous investment in hardware compatibility testing and certification, which enriches the supported list of components & software, and can ensure that the data center or cloud computing service provided by customers maintains its advantages amidst intense market competition, and enhances customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

Performance Testing for the Hardware Chip Server

High performance computing technology can be quickly used to markedly lower development costs, can do rapid prototyping, and reduce the costs of making digital simulations and modeling. At the same time, it can be used to interact, and making the builder tools and stepwise tools more popular and accessible helps social development and economic growth. The future of high-performance computing is leaning towards ARM, and in the future of high-performance computing, CPU+GPU hybrid acceleration computing platforms with higher energy loss ratios will inevitably become more dominant, and the amount of energy consumed will be reduced to a fifteenth or even up to a thirtieth of the current level.

Core Capacities

Development, operation, and maintenance for the compatibility testing of automated scripts, positioning and analysis for hardware compatibility issues.

Server hardware, motherboard compatibility tests (blade, bay, Kunlun, high density, self-study card, etc.).

Component compatibility tests (network card, FC card, GPU card, TPM card, storage media, etc.).

Performance data analysis, auditing of scenarios and standards, performance testing and tuning for hardware servers.

Operating system authentication tests (Redhat, Windows, SUSE, VMware, Citrix, etc.).


Solid Cooperative Relationships with Operating System Vendors

iSoftStone has stable and effective communication channels with major mainstream operating system vendors, can be quickly informed of the planned release of the latest version of various operating systems, and is thus able to ensure the reliability of customer server products and market advantages through compatibility testing and certification testing of the beta version.

Professional Hardware, Operating System Compatibility, and Certification Testing

iSoftStone has accumulated rich knowledge and experience in the hardware layer, the driver layer, the operating system layer, and performs a case-based of variety of problem solving, with the ability to quickly delimit the compatibility problems, and effectively support operations and maintenance. It continues to provide materials for hardware fault collection tools and hardware diagnostic tools, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction both in pre-sales and after-sales.

iSoftStone can plan certification (aligning the product life cycle and the new release plan with the OS vendor), and is familiar with the certification process and the established methods of the certification factory environment, and can synchronize server system certification with the release of new versions by the OS vendors.

Professional Performance Research Team

With its comparative data from the mainstream hardware performance in the industry, iSoftStone can provide the latest and most optimal hardware selection solutions. With its own independent R&D performance tools that can draw from the essence of the industry, it efficiently helps customers establish a comprehensive, systematic, and efficient performance testing and tuning process.

Successful Cases

Mainstream operating system compatibility testing and certification for a full range of server products.

Compatibility testing and certification for a certain server.

Communication ability performance tests for the systems of an automobile supplier.

A performance test for a biotech application .

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