The Era of Digital Transformation Comes Enterprises Need Digital Transformation Partners

The global economy has gone through inadequate growth since the internal financial crisis in 2008, and digital economy being the driving force for future development of world economy has been a consensus of the global management system.  As an important part of the world economy and a main driving force for global economy in the past ten years, the government and enterprises of China pay continually improving attention on development of digital economy. Xi Jinping has pointed out that the world economy accelerates to transform to the economic activities with network information technology industry as important contents. We shall take this historical chance to cultivate new forces with informatization, and promote new development with such new forces.

The enterprises and organizations in each industry will inevitably participate in the process of digital transformation under the big background of transformation as the main theme. The market participant shall either become a leading enterprise to form scale advantages via digital transformation, or a “small and beautiful”player in the long-tailed market through digital transformation. Enterprises of intermediate state will be knocked out by the market gradually.

“Win-win cooperation and association between strong enterprises”become a consensus in process of enterprise transformation in rules of survival of the digital age. Partial enterprises will take the digital capability as a core strategy for future development, and even build digital capacity for its own use by means of acquisition and joint venture. While it is an extravagant hope to develop and polish own digital capacity from nothing in the fast-changing external environment and increasingly competitive market, so, seeking strategic partners to jointly advance the digital transformation is feasible. IDC predicts that the number of IT companies purchased by non-IT companies in the future will exceed that among IT technology companies. This not only indicates the expectation of traditional enterprises on the digital transformation driving business, but also shows that they hope to look for partners to jointly advance the process of digital transformation.

Note: The above content comes from White Paper on Innovating China's Digital Transformation jointly released by IDC & iSoftStone


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