Progress of Digital Transformation from the Global Perspective

In 2016, IDC conducted a survey on the maturity of digital transformation of the top 2,000 wealthy companies in the world. The result shows that the overall digital transformation of Chinese enterprises is still at an early stage. Due to China's imbalanced economic development and the resulting IT investment gap, there is a big gap between the digital transformation development of different enterprises in our country. More than 80% of the enterprises are still in the first stage and the second stage, while the leading companies are advancing from the second stage to the third stage.

Against this background, many Chinese technology enterprises with industry best practices, IT technical capabilities and global vision are continuing to innovate and change, master the innovation trend of digital transformation and help the take-off of China's digital economy to capture its own strategic development space.

However, the mode of cooperation of traditional IT service providers and enterprises has big problems while facing digital transformation. First, pan-industrialization, the industry cannot be deeply plowed; Second, the lack of end-to-end service providers, resulting in a number of suppliers, complex management and poor quality traceability; Third, the lack of long-term and closely cooperated service providers, leading to service providers' insufficient attention for long-term goals and results of digital transformation of enterprises.

As a leading innovative software and information technology service provider in China, iSoftStone has developed and designed a series of products and solutions to address the above pain points and challenges. iSoftStone uses end-to-end "software + services" comprehensive business capabilities and service advantages in depth, combines long-term accumulation of technical strength and integrates ecological resources to provide full life-cycle technical services for our customers. At the same time, based on its own characteristics, this paper summarizes the "ABC" model of the digital transformation of the enterprises involving iSoftStone, that is, the interaction and spiral rise of Aiming Strategy, Best Practice and Capability.

Note: The above content comes from White Paper on Innovating China's Digital Transformation jointly released by IDC & iSoftStone


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