"ABC" Model by Which iSoftStone Gets Involved in Digital Transformation

Based on its own characteristics, iSoftStone summarizes the "ABC" model of enterprise digital transformation, that is, interaction and spiral rise of strategy (Aiming Strategy), practice (Best Practice) and capability (Capability). 

At strategy level, there are three levels in iSoftStone, which takes “cities + enterprises as the main body, software + services as double wings and big data + cloud computing + Internet as the drive.

At capability level, iSoftStone has provided total solutions to over 65 industries, has research and development and innovation abilities with support of cloud computing platform, big data analysis platform and iSoftStone service platform; service experiences and business dealing ability of over 1000 Chinese and overseas customers and technical service ability for over ten years.

At more important practice level, businesses of iSoftStone start from technical services. iSoftStone has provided technical services for different customers for over ten years in China to meet customers' onsite or offsite research and development requirements, helping customers to establish dedicated development, research and technical support teams within a short time, and providing customized software outsourcing, mobile application and embedded development, application development of value added business, application development of supply chain management, enterprise application integration, life cycle support of application system, quality assurance and tests and other services, providing strong support to the implementation of top-level design, consulting and planning as well as innovation models in earlier stages.

By taking "enterprises +cities" as the main body, "software + services" as double wings and "big data + cloud computing + Internet services" as the drive, iSoftStone has figured out a clear general strategy on digital transformation. It's believed that with the guidance of key strategies and investment in technical resources, iSoftStone will become an influential power in the entire market.

Note: The above content comes from White Paper on Innovating China's Digital Transformation jointly released by IDC & iSoftStone

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