Intervention Experience of iSoftStone on Full Life Cycle of Digital Transformation

The times to acquire competitive advantages in market by a good idea, a good thought or a new technology is over. Competition of digital transformation is a systematic project. The key of systematic project lies on top-level design which is the "blueprint" between the strategic intent and construction practice and also the most concerned part of enterprises during digital transformation. Enterprises really need to conduct digital consulting and planning in the future from the angels of view, such as business process, competition pattern and mode reformation, and make sure full implementation of a good blueprint rather do system online implementation blindly or try all sorts of new technologies.

iSoftStone provides one-stop full life cycle and whole value chain IT solution services to customers including IT consulting, business planning, industry solutions, customized development and implementation as well as system maintenance services. However, consulting and planning are the stressed starting points and key points of iSoftStone, and also integral, overall and long-term all-round management of digital transformation.  Seizing the principal contradiction, key problems and capturing key resources to provide blue print for project landing and implementation in future.

Digital transformation is developing from "future tense" to "present progressive". Confronting with the high complexity of digital transformation, the characteristics of long-term evolution and irreversible trends, China and even the whole world need practitioners such as iSoftStone which has obvious technical advantages, prominent industry experience and complete solutions, to set the benchmark and best practices of digital transformation in different industries, and use the experience of one point to lead the whole area, use the experience of one line to lead the whole field and gradually complete the digital transformation upgrade and drive the development of digital economy.

Note: The above content comes from White Paper on Innovating China's Digital Transformation jointly released by IDC & iSoftStone

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