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Program Overview

The "Smart Community" is not only a way of thinking idea for community construction, but also a new mode for community public service under the new situation. "Smart Community" takes smartness, humanities, and service as its conceptual framework, with the construction ideas of "management refinement, service humanization, means informatization, and operational intelligence". It starts with comprehensive planning for all kinds of service resources, takes the foothold of satisfying the needs of the government, residents, and enterprises, and uses information technology as its support in building  new, smart, modern communities.

Functional Framework

iSoftStone’s Smart Community solutions are based on the full application of modern science and technology, such as mobile Internet, IoT, big data, and cloud computing. They integrate the information of people, land, real estate, property, things, feelings, and organizations in the community, and coordinate the social governance, community services, business services, and other resources. They use the Smart Community public service management platform as the carrier for achieving a new, smart, and innovative model for community governance and community service. The solution covers a wide range of areas including the construction of community network facility infrastructure, community grid governance, community geo-information, community e-commerce, smart homes, smart property, community care, and community finance, which can be summarized as "One database, two platforms, the trinity, and multiple applications" as shown below:

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1 Data: Basic Information Resource Base for the Smart Community

A Smart Community’s information construction needs a solid foundation a basic information resource database. The basic information resource database includes the basic information database and business information database. Among these, the basic information database is created in accordance with the principle of "one source for one data, multiple acquisition, shared verification, timely updates, and authorized release". The business information database is created in accordance with the principle of "physical decentralization, logical concentration, and shared verification". The basic information resource database is the basis for the intercommunication and interconnection of the upper data sharing platform, the big data analysis platform, the data source center, and the data information of many business application subsystems.

2 Platforms: Data Sharing & Exchange Platform, Big Data Analysis Platform

Data sharing & exchange platform

The data sharing & exchange platform is the core routing point for data sharing and data exchange and sharing in the smart community. It connects the communication and exchange of data from the community basic information resource database with the people, land, real estate, property, things, feelings, and organizations in the community. It is the platform that ensures the realization of the main technology for the complete, reliable, effective, and safe transmission of information, and fulfills the needs of the participating agents and objects in the Smart Community for the collection, exchange, and sharing of data information.

Big data analysis platform

The Big Data Analysis Platform utilizes the basic community information resource database, and utilizes methods for data intercommunication and interconnection, information sharing and business collaboration. It improves the macro decision-making capacity of community managers through Smart Community geographic information (GIS) and visual big data analysis tools, and achieves the transformation of community information management from decentralization to centralization, government services from passive to active, decision-making from experience-dependent to intelligence-dependent, comprehensively improving the government's level of scientific management for social governance.

The Trinity: Community Governance, Community Services, Residential Services

Community governance

Through the integration of community information such as people, land, real estate, property, things, feelings, and organizations, the trinity takes the Smart Community public service management platform as its carrier to realize innovation for Smart Community governance. Its concrete embodiment is the division of the urban management area into unit grids according to a certain standard, by which the entire grass-roots management structure forms a grid structure. Based on this, a unified information platform is established that integrates the basic data for all aspects of social management, eventually forming a networked mechanism for government affairs resources and resident autonomy, and providing the government with unified, efficient, and agile community governance and management services.

Community services

With the starting point of information that benefit people, the Smart Community online service hall is used to achieve the docking of online and offline government agencies, providing integrated support services to community residents before, during, and after the handling of government-related business. Before a matter is dealt with, a comprehensive service guide, booking services, online consulting, traffic guidance and other services are all provided. During the handling of a matter, online business self-service, business information checking, work progress checking, and other services are also provided. After a matter is resolved, the service evaluation, result monitoring, and other services are provided as well. This functionality saves time for the people, and allows the data to play its role in the process.

On the other hand, through the integration of the community business application system and property and industry data and information, a unified community property service platform will be established, providing a unified community property service management platform for properties, owners, merchants, and the government.

Residential services

These services include the home environment, furniture, home appliances, and home activities into the scope of their design, forming a smart home service platform governed by humane life, that achieves four aspects of smart home services: housing management, home control, informed living, and humane care. Residents can achieve home control through their mobile terminal device. The smart home service platform is developed based on iSoftStone's own IoT middleware products, enabling unified access, unified management, and unified control of the various types of smart home devices.

Multiple Applications

Grid service and management system

Grid management divides the urban management area into unit grids according to a certain standard, forming the entire grassroots management structure into a grid structure. Based on this, a unified information platform is established, and basic data for all aspects of social management are integrated, including people, things, property, places, organizations, and other data. Then, the national grass-roots conditions are included via the expansion of the information entry channels, such as SMS, telephones, portals, door-to-door interviews by security team members, and other data interfaces including public security, justice, letters, and visits, by which a national condition analysis mechanism is established. In the end, the resources of the relevant social management departments are integrated, and a government resource networking mechanism is established to provide unified management services for society.

Comprehensive property management information system

Integrated property management primarily overcomes the shortcomings of traditional property service, in terms of inefficiency and obsolete business models, through the construction and integration of intelligent community systems, such as a resident experience center, intelligent parking lots, video monitoring and control, one-card systems, digital repairs and inspections, mobile patrols, withholding and payment, elevator management, remote meter reading, visual GIS management scheduling, automated sprinklers, etc. It not only provides community residents with better services, but also expands the income from the property service business. The most important thing is that it improves the property management level and corporate image.

Smart home system

A smart home uses the house as its carrier, and connects a variety of devices together through Internet of Things technology, to provide spatial design, network communication, information appliances, automated equipment, home services, home management, and other functions, in addition to providing residents with an efficient, comfortable, convenient, and environmentally friendly living environment.

E-commerce service system

Based on the O2O business model, the community business service integrates various community business service providers, such as the surrounding merchants, commercial supermarket group purchases, vertical e-commerce, and domestic services, providing a more convenient shopping experience for community residents, and comprehensively satisfying the demands of community residents, including food, clothing, housing, vacations, travel, shopping, entertainment, and education.


Smart Community Consulting and Planning Capabilities

iSoftStone has comprehensive and multi-field planning and integration capabilities. Starting from the source with top development planning, and based on the advanced Smart Community index system, iSoftStone adheres to the goal of the green and sustainable development of the community, takes the satisfaction of community residents as its own responsibility, fully considers the characteristics of each community, provides source protection for community development with its top planning and design, and provides customers with top Smart Community design, that has personalized community features, and that can be developed in a sustainable way.

Smart Community Construction and Implementation Capacities

iSoftStone has worked hard in the Smart Community field for many years, and has accumulated a wealth of implementation experience. It has formed a series of program modules including public service management in smart communities, community grid management, community e-commerce services, community-based care, and smart homes. It has an experienced implementation team of thousands of people, which can provide a comprehensive guarantee for the technology, personnel, and project management during Smart Community construction and implementation.

Smart Community Sustainable Operation Capability

iSoftStone infuses the concept of "Sustainable Operation" into its design and planning of Smart Communities, and realizes the sustainable operation of community building by establishing services such as a 15-minute living circle around the community, community e-commerce, community finance, community-based care, and an excellent community micro-city circle.

Creates Services for the Entire Industrial Chain, and Builds an Innovative Smart Community Service Ecosystem

iSoftStone not only cooperates with authoritative research institutions, outstanding domestic and foreign consulting firms, and world-renowned hardware and software partners, it also works together with merchants around communities, community service providers and municipal service providers to build innovative Smart Community service ecosystem, according to the characteristics of the local communities and businesses.

Value for the Customer

The construction of iSoftStone's Smart Community focuses on governments, community residents, merchants, properties, and other main elements, to build a community ecosystem, and to explore new modes of community governance and public community service.

Governments: Through grid management, the Smart Community innovates community service management concepts and modes, integrates the information resources of public services, improves the methods for providing public services, reduces complicated and repetitive work for local workers, improves the overall efficiency and quality of work, and provides more convenient, transparent, efficient, and friendly government services to community residents.

Developers / Properties: The Smart Community uses information-based means to help developers and properties in their transformation towards the Internet. First, it can help to enhance the efficiency of property management, and reduce its cost. Second, it can enhance the overall service level, expand diversified community services, and increase profitability. In addition, it can fully establish user viscosity, enhance the communication with users, user satisfaction, and the brand value.

Residents: The Smart Community establishes a new social service system that is both within reach, and the benefits the whole nation. It has appropriate functions, provides residents with agile, proactive, and accurate services, and further optimizes the safe, convenient, comfortable, pleasant, and smart lifestyle of community residents, enhancing public happiness.

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