Good News| iSoftStone Awarded Large First-grade Enterprise with Information System Integration and Service Qualifications

On December 13, Information System Integration Qualification Office of China Information Technology Industry Federation awarded iSoftStone Large First-grade Enterprise with Information System Integration and Service Qualifications due to its overall strengths, which means iSoftStone is qualified for national major information engineering projects of China.  

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This award represents the highest honor to current software and information system integration and service industry in China. The qualification appraisal and selection aims to foster backbone enterprises for the industry and urge them to become bigger and stronger so as to meet the country’s demands for large, complicated and important information system construction and information safety guarantee.

The appraisal and selection is strict and restricted to key enterprises with outstanding performance, national leading technical level and market share and the ability to undertake major national and industrial information system projects. In addition, those that have made great contributions to the information construction of the country and the industry and have higher R&D ability than domestic industry peers are included.

As an industry-leading innovative software & IT service provider in China, iSoftStone boasts comprehensive ability to offer end-to-end “Software + Service” businesses and powerful integrated service strengths. It has the ability to provide domestically leading and reliable technologies, products, solutions and services in the fields of Cloud Computing and Big Data. With profound technical strengths and powerful capacity to integrate ecology resources, it has a presence in four business modules, including software technology, digital transformation of enterprises, smart city as well as Cloud Computing and internet platform.

iSoftStone will use the opportunity brought by this award to maintain innovation, discover advanced technologies, improve its overall strength and work with partners to build an integrated IT service ecosystem, thus creating values for customers of cities, industries and enterprises from different fields and making greater contributions to the information industry of China.

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