China Excellent Corporate Citizenship for Years Reflects Responsibilities and Undertaking of iSoftStone

On December 12, the 13th China Excellent Corporate Citizenship Annual Conference sponsored by the Corporate Citizenship Committee of the China Association of Social Workers was held in Beijing. At the Conference, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) was awarded the title of 2017 China Excellent Corporate Citizenship for its outstanding performance in social responsibility, and the title of 2017 China Corporate Citizenship Excellent Welfare Program for the Yunnan Project Hope for the Minorities. TW Liu, Chairman & CEO of iSoftStone was given the title of 2017 Chinese Entrepreneur with Most Social Responsibility.

iSoftStone has striven to use technologies to fulfill social responsibility, and innovations to promote national digitalization and support basic services in national digital economy for a long time. iSoftStone deserves the awards. On one hand, it has been actively committed to social welfare and charity undertaking, fulfilling its due duties. On the other hand, through collaborative innovation and technical services, it relies on industrial layout and combines economic benefits and social benefits to realize the goal of “Governing well, thriving the industry and benefiting the people”.

Perseverance Reflects Corporate Duties

iSoftStone has won the title of China Excellent Corporate Citizenship for many consecutive years, which indicates the perseverance of iSoftStone in social responsibility. The Company contributed to charity and public cultural facilities, and participated in various activities such as public welfare as well as culture and sport activities to promote the harmonious development of the society.    

For example, iSoftStone constantly puts effort into improving the education environment of needy children. It has donated more than USD 2 million for 40 schools through Yunnan Project Hope for the Minorities. Except direct donation, it has also launched activities of Charity Run for Yunnan and Charity Run for Children with Hearing Disorder. In addition, donations from 2017 Charity Art Auction, organized by Yunnan Project Hope for the Minorities and co-organized by iSoftStone are used for Dual-teacher Teaching Program of Yunnan.

Besides persistent attention to and support for education, iSoftStone also devoted itself into the fields of poverty alleviation, health and public welfare and mutual benefits of employees. In Wenchuan Earthquake and 2016 Hubei Catastrophic Flood, iSoftStone not only made donations to disaster-hit areas, but called on more social organizations to relieve the disaster.  

Digital responsibilities in terms of good governance, thriving the industry and benefiting the people

The 19th CPC National Congress put forward that the people yearn for a better life, and our goal is to help them achieve it.. iSoftStone has been committed to the goal of good governance, thriving the industry and benefiting the people, by fulfilling its social responsibilities through digitalization and solving difficulties for administrations, enterprises and the public through new technologies. 

In terms of good governance, iSoftStone helps governments at all levels overcome hard nuts in urban development to deliver strategic solutions for the sustainable development of economy, society and environment. It uses new technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to help city governors improve the intelligence level of office, supervision, service and decision making.

As for thriving the industry, iSoftStone uses optimal technologies and services to improve the efficiency of enterprises. It uses advanced IT application technologies to build new industrial modes and help enterprises enhance their market competitiveness in the midst of prosperous digital economy and on-going digital transformation.

As for benefiting the people, iSoftStone puts people first, bring practical benefits from new IT technologies to the public and increase the satisfaction of the public. It makes efforts to improve the happiness index of peoples life. It combines industrial management and urban innovative management with peoples livelihood guarantee to provide one-stop customized services in terms of healthcare, food, housing, transport, tourism and education, and support the government to make decisions scientifically.

It's the social responsibility of every enterprise to perform its duties as a corporate citizenship. Digital economy creates new paths for corporate citizens to give back the society. Under the leadership of TW Liu the Company is using advanced technologies to benefit the people and make contribution to the realization of the Chinese Dream.

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