iSoftStone’s Big Data Application Wins Authoritative Recognition Again

Recently, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) won the award of 2017 ECI Yearly Innovativeness Rankings of Business Top 30 (Solution) at ECI Festival for its innovative practices in the application of big data. ECI Festival is jointly initiated by ECI Awards together with 18 countries and regions, with an aim to forge digital industry events centered on "innovative application".

The construction of modern economic system is out of the question without the development and application of Big Data. Therefore, Big Data has been upgraded to a national strategy, to provide support for accelerating the construction of digital China. As a leading provider of innovative software and IT service in China, iSoftStone has accumulated rich experiences in the new generation of IT field. In particular, it has combined IT and industry solutions, to help clients make full use of digital technologies and realize digital transformation and upgrading.

For example, in terms of finance, retail, electricity, property and other industries, iSofStone has developed domestic leading Big Data solutions, to provide powerful support for the digital transformation of the industries and enterprises.

In terms of finance, iSoftStone has developed Big Data processing capacity with unique strength, ranging from data mining and data presentation to data governance and data planning. For example, its funds management and analysis system is able to predict the cash flow and provisions in the coming week. In combination with the analysis of deposit history, it is able to control over the future capital resource and prevent risks.

Facing diversified payment modes of consumers, traditional retailers need to collect the information of various payment channels to form unified data. iSoftStone's Big Data Center solves the time-consuming process of funds management. The system could automatically match account receivable and account payable with account received and account paid so that enterprises could know the cash flow in real time.

In the power industry, iSoftStone helps enterprises enhance the fine management level through Big Data application, making their digital capabilities reach international advanced level. For example, in the matter of the most concerned security in the power industry, with the help of iSoftStone’s Big Data, IoTs and Mobile Internet technologies, first-line workers use terminal scanners to transmit data and assist the management departments in understanding conditions in real time. Real-time control of data could predict potential safety hazard and thereby lower risks and inspection cost.

At present, using the new generation of IT to realize digital transformation has become a major strategy for all cities, industries and enterprises to cope with challenges. With the in-depth practices in 10 important industries for years, iSoftStone has developed digital transformation solutions driven by "Cloud Computing + Big Data and + Internet Services" to meet ever-changing customer demands. iSoftStone has also been awarded with multiple honors for years.

As Big Data Strategy, Internet+ and Made in China 2025 have been further implemented, with the rich experiences, iSoftStone will make contributions to the vigorous development of China's digital economy.

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