iSoftStone’s Chairman TW Liu Won the Title of "China's Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneur"

On January 20, 2018, TW Liu, Chairman & CEO of iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone), was awarded the title "2017 China's Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneur" by the 12th China Employer Brand Annual Meeting, the most influential human resource and employer brand event of the year. This is a recognition of TW Lius outstanding contribution to fulfill social responsibility and improve human resources environment.

Entrepreneurial responsibility means to make economic profits while creating benefits for the whole society. As a leader in the IT services industry, TW Liu is determined to run a business that is beneficial for both society and the country. Under his leadership, as iSoftStone creates values through advanced technologies for customers, the Company also devotes much attention to public welfare, talent cultivation, employment promotion and social development.

While driving the rapid growth of the enterprise and caring for staff development, TW Liu also pays attention to social development and is devoted to bringing scientific and technological innovations to the public. Under his leadership, iSoftStone, via collaborative innovation and technical services, is working to promote high-tech development and internet innovation, ensure financial security, enhance energy efficiency, facilitate the transformation of traditional industries and enterprises, and solve problems for the society, enterprises and people.

In addition, iSoftStone, influenced by TW Liu has long been engaged in projects of education, poverty alleviation, charitable donations, health and public welfare, which include 40 Hope Schools in Yunnan Minority Hope Project. With its outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility, iSoftStone won many honors such as "2017 China Outstanding Corporate Citizenship" and "Annual Social Responsibility Brand Award."

Within the Company, TW Liu works to create a better working environment and make a clearer career development planning for employees and help those whose families have financial problems. For example, iSoftStone has created a "Corporate Mutual Aid Association" to provide financial support for employees and families in need across the country.

What TW Liu and his company have done provides a new path to fulfill social responsibility in the era of digital economy, that is, using the advanced technologies to bring benefits to the public.

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