iSoftStone Won Three Awards

At China Electronic Information Development Conference hosted by China Information Technology Industry Federation on January 26, 2018, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) won three awards, i.e. "2017 Excellent Brand Enterprise for IT Service in China", "2018 Leading Enterprise for Social Contribution in China's IT Industry" and "Outstanding Entrepreneur of China's IT Industry" for TW Liu, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, marking the recognition for the companys contribution to the industrial, social and economic development.

Electronic information industry, the basic, strategic and leading industry of the national economy, is important for driving economic and social development. The rapid growth of electronic information industry, software and IT services in particular, cannot be achieved without efforts of related companies, especially leading enterprises, as well as outstanding entrepreneurs. Among which, iSoftStone and its Chairman & CEO TW Liu are notable.

Enhance brand effect to promote industrial development

Brand reflects the competitiveness of enterprises and even the whole country, emphasizing the main role of enterprises and the leading role of excellent brands therefore is particularly important as IT services become the core in international industrial competition. As the leading IT service provider, iSoftStone is taking unremitting efforts to promote sound development of the whole industry and help related enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

Since its establishment in 2001, iSoftStone has gradually become the industry leader with increasing business scale and economic and social values. It boasts rich reserves of technologies, talents and innovative capabilities in IT services and has made great achievements in R & D of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. It has improved the overall innovative capability of technicians in China and enhanced the development of software and IT industries.

Play a leading role to create social values

With advanced technologies, iSoftStone created a new industrial mode, which has helped many industries and enterprises realize digital transformation and enhance their competitiveness. iSoftStone has now served more than 1,000 domestic and foreign customers in over 10 major industries, of which over 90 are top 500 companies.

While keeping rapid growth, iSoftStone also concerns education, poverty alleviation, charitable donations and health charity and has solved complicated social and livelihood issues for society, enterprises and people through collaborative innovation and technical services. With its outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility, iSoftStone won many honors such as "2017 China Outstanding Corporate Citizenship" and "Annual Social Responsibility Brand Award."

Promote entrepreneurship to stimulate market vitality

Entrepreneurs are an integral part of economic activities. Implementing the spirit in reports of 19th National Congress of CPC on encouraging and protecting entrepreneurship and encouraging more social subjects to join the innovation and entrepreneurship is of great significance to promoting entrepreneurship, stimulating market vitality and boosting development of electronic information industry.

As an industry leader, TW Liu always holds aggressive entrepreneurial spirit and leads the development of electronic information industry and related economies. Under the leadership of TW Liu, iSoftStone, with business vision of creating a China-based world-renown brand, has become a leading provider of software and IT services in China. iSoftStone has been selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC for consecutive years in the "List of Top 100 Companies in China for Software Business Revenue," and was awarded many other honors, such as 2017 Most Influential Software and IT Service Enterprise in China and 2017 Leading Software and IT Service Enterprise in China.

In a world where software and IT services drive socio-economic transformation and development as well as science and technology innovation, iSoftStone, led by TW Liu, will take the lead to build a more prosperous software and IT service industry and more competitive digital economy with its advanced technologies and innovative thinking.

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