Another Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement for Automobile Industry

Recently, iSoftStone expanded its presence in the automobile industry. It reached cooperation with Beiqi Foton besides Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën, DFPV, Zhengzhou Nissan and Renault, etc., to provide them with services and practically implement Made in China 2025.

As the leading brand of commercial vehicles in China, Beiqi Foton acts as a major force in the self-owned brand and independent innovation of China's automobile industry. In the past 11 years, iSoftStone has been offered services to ten automobile manufacturers and acquired full service capabilities from R&D management, supply chain management, dealer management to after-sales service management system.

According to the requirements, iSoftStone will build the online accessory order management system, to solve such issues as inventory synchronization, minimum packing model number, return process and accounting, efficiently and correctly operate the whole-process e-commerce business including inventory, purchasing, marketing, shipment and settlement, and improve the operation capacity of the e-commerce system as a whole.

Relevant insiders said that automobile manufacturers usually spend more than half of sales amount in raw materials and spare parts. Therefore, as for automobile manufacturers, purchasing is important for the cost control and the purchasing efficiency and order implementation also have direct relation to the possibility of rapid satisfaction of market demand.

In view of this, iSoftStones professional consulting and technical teams have built an integrated online accessory e-commerce operation management platform for Beiqi Foton. The system supports not only the processing of online orders from different channels and real-time/quasi-real-time synergy with financial and internal and external warehousing, but also the future expanding operational requirements and the efficient operation of e-commerce business.

With the development of Big Data and internet technologies, the automobile industry chain has stepped into the transformation phase. How to use new technologies to help auto companies meet rapidly changing user needs is a common issue of IT service companies. As a leading China innovative software and IT services provider, iSoftStone has explored the automobile manufacturing field with innovative thinking and become the first company in China that has made success in the ERP + MES localization of automobile manufacturing core system. The independent core system enables the company to make contributions to the digital transformation for the automobile manufacturing sector and "Made in China 2025".

Intelligent Manufacturing: Serving the manufacturing industry for ten years

Ten years of high-end manufacturing experience with products and capabilities covering 90% of the industrial manufacturing core field.

A series of core technologies, including core algorithm for planning system, collaborative manufacturing strategy, and enterprise budget data analysis model.

End-to-end capability from planning consultation to schematic design, product R&D, product cloudification, implementation and maintenance.

The most advanced products and services in the automobile manufacturing field of China.

Automobile Manufacturing Solutions:

Based on iSoftStone’s solutions, production plans are formulated through intelligent algorithms and production requirements, and are applied in related links such as manufacturing, component purchasing, and component supply. At the same time, real-time monitoring and feedback are carried out for key nodes such as production plans, sales plans, calculation and release of component orders, shipment and delivery of suppliers and implementation of production and manufacturing to increase production efficiency and production level.

1. The first who has made success in the ERP + MES domestication of automobile manufacturing core system

Independent core system breaks the monopoly of foreign companies with nearly RMB 15 million maintenance cost reduced for automobile enterprises.

2. The first who has realized the cross-brand flexible production across manufacturers

Hour-level capacity sharing

Mixed model production of DFPV, Zhengzhou Nissan and Dongfeng Peugeot

3. The first who has completed the mixed model production system among multiple companies

At present, iSoftStone has offered services to 14+ renowned automobile manufacturers, including Volvo, Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën, DFPV, Zhengzhou Nissan and Renault.

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