iSoftStone Made Its Presence Eye-catching in 2018 Big Data Expo

On May 26th, the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018 (Big Data Expo) was opened in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. As a leading China innovative software and IT services provider and a digital economy enabler, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) has been invited to the event for four consecutive years. This time, the company has unveiled multiple solutions such as AI Cloud Service Platform and Alipay County Economy Integration Platform attracting extensive attentions from exhibitors of the expo.

Presently the Big Data Expo has gradually evolved into an internationally professional event indicating the trend of global big data industry for years to come. Themed with “Connect Everything with Big Data and Integration for Intelligence”, the focus of the expo this year has been put on internet and big data-based innovative practices and applications. At this expo, Qingfa Li, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone had a discussion with 1000+key industry players on the opportunities for collaboration in big data and AI and greatly advanced the progress of cooperation in AI projects.

AI scenario application, the highlight of the expo

Innovative technologies represented by big data, cloud computing, and AI are injecting new vitality into enterprises and the economy, with great potential to create trillions of dollars of revenue while boosting digital upgrading of enterprises across the board. This is an opportunity that iSoftStone values and will try its best to embrace. We have built an ecological chain and launched an AI Cloud Service Platform to help companies transform from digital to intelligent management. We are also working to develop an AI industrial chain ecological closed-loop which based on AI Cloud Service Platform, aims to build a new industry support system by integrating resources relating to big data, computing power, neural network algorithm library and model building technology, and serves as a platform for enterprises to develop and produce AI applications, share data and carry out transactions.

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Speaking of advantages of iSoftStone in AI application, Qingfa Li noted that, “business scenarios are a factor that should not be neglected in addition to big data and AI during the process of companies to develop towards a more intelligent way. And this is exactly iSoftStone has been working on in the past two years. We are now helping integrate parts in the whole chain from data mining, data processing through capacity platform, transactions by business intelligence services, and public opinion guidance. We are also exporting the AI resources and capabilities of large enterprises to SMEs to help the latter overcome barriers, and provide new drivers for AI industry."

AI Cloud Service Platform, a successful practice of business model based on technology and platform, has created a new path to integrate goods and services supply in crowd sourcing pattern. With the AI technology, it has improved business efficiency and performance, well combined policies, technologies and industrial chain, and changed AI businesses to move from linear competition to win-win cooperation.

Work to become an enabler of digital economy

Amid a fast growing big data industry internationally, China is changing the global digitalization landscape by accelerating its implementation of national big data strategies, which has brought a tremendous impact on economic development, social and state governance, and people’s lives. Under this background, iSoftStone, the company committed to becoming a “pillar of the national digital economy”, has been making forward-looking arrangements in terms of cutting-edge technology R&D, data operations and personnel training.

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This year, iSoftStone brought to the expo its Alipay County Economy Integration Platform developed in collaboration with Ant Financial. This solution has made its debut at recently closed Digital China Summit and received widely positive comments for its excellence of new ways in county-level social governance, security and improvement of people’s lives. With just a phone, it has provided rural residents living in county region with access to dozens of public services including payment of utility bills, online registration for medical services, and social security enquiry. Meanwhile, the solution will continuously improve the big data library with county region credit to facilitate implementation of internet finance business and inclusive finance. It will serve as a driver for local economic reform and development while benefiting the local residents at the same time.

In addition to the efforts made in county-level services, iSoftStone has also been keeping enterprise digital transformation high on its agenda, which is essential to the future of companies. IDC data have showed that China's digital economy is expected to reach US$8.5 trillion by 2021 and 80% of sales growth in 2022 will come from digital products and services. Many companies, though fully aware the prospects and the urgency to upgrade, but are held back by its complex and long-term nature. In order to help these businesses to move further steps, iSoftStone, with its advanced technologies, years of experiences and excellent solutions, has introduced a number of best practices, which is now benefiting multiple national economic sectors including agriculture, health, environmental protection, finance, real estate, automobiles, logistics and retail sales.

For the years ahead, iSoftStone will also continue to work to improve social training systems, promoting more colleges and universities to cultivate big data and AI professionals, and bringing resources of industry, college, institute and application together to boost digital transformation of sectors, regions or even the whole society. In this respect, we have launched a nationwide network of talents in digital technology with an annual training capability of over 8,000 people. Backed by this network, we are now able to provide customers with resources from across the country suitable to their specific needs.

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