Core Systems Need to Be Localized for Motor Industry, Said Li Huang of iSoftStone

On May 30, 2018, the “2018 Smart Service Summit & the 6th Matchmaking Conference for International Software and Information Enterprises, one of the main forums under China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, was opened in Beijing. At this forum, Li Huang, Executive Vice President & CTO of iSoftStone has given a keynote speech and joined round table discussions to share his view about how to use technology to upgrade manufacturing sector with representatives from Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Haidian District Government as well as multiple well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars.

The manufacturing industry is facing many challenges including more individual demand, weak supply chain management, and increased manufacturing costs in its crucial period of transition, said Li Huang. The production organization and manufacturing model of ‘consumer-driven + linkage collaboration’ developed by iSoftStone is the best way to overcome these obstacles. That is, we could employ the "Internet+" and information technology to meet customers’ individual needs and drive back-end collaboration.”

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“This is something we can not miss if we are to improve the quality of Made in China which is known as large in size, Li Huang added. Through this model, manufactures, especially auto companies, could achieve internal deep integration and extensive external interconnection to gain flexible manufacturing, controllable costs and stronger competitiveness. iSoftStone's “Internet+” collaborative manufacturing cloud platform is designed to help transform this sector by providing collaborative manufacturing cloud services for the entire industry chain based on unique demands of each part.

Li Huang noted, core systems need to be localized for motor industry as informatization is essential for intelligent automobile manufacturing. As early as 2011, iSoftStone's independently researched and developed products have already broken the monopoly of foreign companies and for the first time realized the localization of ERP+MES, the core system of auto manufacturing, and become an icebreaker for the whole industry. With the help of our products, manufacturers could save at least 10-20 million expenses for maintenance every year, and more importantly, they could conduct redevelopment based on their individual needs, which is not possible using foreign software with unopened source code.

The “Internet+” collaborative manufacturing cloud platform has won recognition of national authorities and selected into the NDRCs List of 2018 Major Pilot Program for Internet+, AI Innovative Development, and Digital Economy.

iSoftStone has been operating auto manufacturing businesses for 11 years and served more than 14 famous auto brands including Volvo, DPCA, DFPV, Zhengzhou Nissan, and Renault. With the extensive experience gained in the auto industry, iSoftStone is planning to expand its services to other manufacturing sectors to help them transform and push China to achieve its “Made in China 2025” goal as early as possible.

During the summit, Li Huang also attended the Signing Ceremony for Beijing Haidian Government Bodies, Associations and Enterprises to Co-develop Outsourcing Services and received the interview by

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