iSoftStone Won Another Award at the 16th China International Software and Information Service Fair (CISIS)

On June 12, 2018, the 16th China International Software and Information Service Fair (CISIS), as China's one and only state-level software fair approved by the State Council, was launched in Dalian. At the session of "the 2017-2018 Annual Conference of Software and Information Service Industry in China", which one of the sessions of the CISIS, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) won the "2017-2018 China Software and Information Service Industry Outstanding Contribution Award" with a series of achievements in helping companies orderly digital transformation.

Software and information technology services are an important driving force in upgrading traditional industries and improving people's well-being. As a leading company in China's IT service industry, iSoftStone provides a multi-faceted guarantee for the digital transformation of enterprises with its "capabilities of software service + capabilities of industry understanding".

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For more than a decade, iSoftStone has helped outstanding companies from various industries to establish a sound information system. At the dawn of digital economy, iSoftStone continues to help 1,000 foreign and domestic clients from over 10 important industries such as finance, power, real estate, telecommunications, Internet and retailing, to achieve digital transformation, of which more than 90 belong to the Fortune Global 500.

Take the insurance industry as an example, its current competition has shifted from company scale to technical level. The AI analysis model that iSoftStone built for customers can increase the renewal rate; the intelligent identification of receipts can reduce labour cost and improve efficiency. Such end-to-end solution enables digital transformation of more than 90 insurance companies.

In the area of corporate finance, iSoftStone provides digital finance service for CNPC, GUOLIAN Group and other large companies, which helped them effectively improve capital management and implement various policies of management departments on financial innovation.

In the Internet industry, iSoftStone, with its diversified and comprehensive solutions, has helped customers to calmly meet market changes and then make quick responses to promote customer products and technologies to go to the market faster. Currently, iSoftStone has already become an important strategic partner of Baidu, Ali, Tencent and other well-known Internet companies.

As China's leading provider of innovative software and information technology service and digital economy enabler, iSoftStone is making continuous explorations in Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI and other innovative technologies, combines them with its deep understanding and insights about the industry and form end-to-end "software+service" comprehensive business capabilities and powerful in-depth service advantage, contributing continuously to the digital transformation of enterprises as well as promoting the development of digital economy.

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