iSoftStone's Digital Middle End Solves Two Major Problems of Enterprises

iSoftStone's Digital Middle End Solves Two Major Problems of Enterprises


On May 30, “2019 Smart Service Summit” was held in Beijing. iSoftStone attended the summit on invitation. Qingfa Li, the Senior Vice President exchanged opinions with domestic and overseas experts on digital transformation and discussed issues of digital economy.

The “2019 Smart Service Summit” is one of the sub-forums of 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). It is reported that nearly 8,000 enterprises and institutions from 130 countries and regions attended the fair. They displayed, exhibited their products and negotiated for cooperation in 12 service trade fields.


How to better gear up digital transformation of enterprises? Taking digital middle end as an example, Li, in his speech, explained that digital middle end construction is the necessary route and core strategy for enterprises to realize platform-based and digital-based development. Why it is necessary to build middle end? Li believed in the digital age enterprises need to create extreme user experience. The core competitiveness of enterprises is shown in user response, while the platform may double the results. However, the “front end + back end” mode that the traditional enterprise platform adopts belongs to chimney-like single application, which is slow and expensive. In comparison, digital native and leading enterprises established a “middle end” between the front end and back end. The middle end, which is steadier than the front end and more flexible than the back end, gets a subtle balance between steadiness and flexibility.


Li defines middle end as a “corporate-level capacity reusable platform”. In his opinion, digital middle end may help enterprises create power digital operation capacity by virtue of context-based services, capacity services, data integration, technology modularization and resource sharing. The most important thing is the enterprise-level capacity reusability of digital middle end could realize model precipitation, data assets accumulation and technical framework evolvement so as to adapt to digital transformation demands of various enterprises and institutions in different fields.

Problems of enterprises that could be solved by iSoftStone’s digital middle end solution can be divided into two aspects. Firstly, the digital middle end could improve business agility. It helps enterprises to create agile full-channel service processing capacity, connect back end basic systems in series and rapidly integrate them to corresponding micro applications so as to highly adapt to business differentiation demands. Secondly, the digital middle end may help enterprises realize data-based business, i.e., allow big data and AI become a kind of important new productivities through making business further data-intensive.

Take OCP (Omni-Channel Platform) as an example. It is the business digital marketing system developed by iSoftStone for the retail industry, and offers light, agile and unified digital middle end to enterprises with annual turnover of over RMB 5 billion. The Platform centers at flow automation, and service-oriented and data-based core business capacity; it steers automation with preset process and innovates highly uncertain business rapidly to create business and data middle end for retailing enterprises. The light and convenient platform speeds up digital upgrading of operating system for retailing and consumable enterprises by rapidly meeting business demands.

One of the core points in the digital age is “data-based intelligent and wisdom”. Enterprises are paying more attention to user-target development. iSoftStone will continuously provide digital transformation services to enterprises with its innovative thinking and digital technology, help enterprises rapidly respond to user demands and realize innovation guidance and sustainable development.


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