iSoftStone Hits the List of “Top 100 Digital Transformation Solutions”

Recently, Internet Weekly, a journal supervised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and eNet Research Institute jointly released the List of Top 100 Digital Transformation Solution of China in 2019. iSoftStones End-to-End IT Solution and Digital Middle-end Solution, together with the solutions of Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent and other renowned IT service providers, hit the list.

Today, as AI, big data, cloud computing, and other frontier technologies have permeated to conventional industries, digital transformation becomes a lifesaver that decides the success or failure of such industries. How to better help enterprises realize their digital transformation? iSoftStones End-to-end IT Solution and Digital Middle-end Solution offer the right answer.

End-to-end service provider: Best choice for enterprise digitalization

Complicated in nature, the path of digital transformation varies for different industries and enterprises. To this end, iSoftStone has developed and designed a series of product and solutions. By relying on its end-to-end Software + Service business capabilities, in-depth service advantages, and long-term technical strength, iSoftStone is able to accumulate and integrate the ecological resources, thus providing customers with technical services for the full life cycle of products.

In the eyes of customers, the full life cycle service strategy can ensure one-stop service experience and convenient management. Today, as the complexity of digital technologies keeps increasing, the end-to-end service providers should be the first choice for customers desirous of digital transformation. iSoftStones End-to-end IT Solution can, without any doubt, provide incessant impetus to push forward the business innovation of enterprises.

Digital Middle-end: A must for enterprise digitalization

What is digital middle-end? According to the definition given by iSoftStone, digital middle-end refers to an enterprise-level capability reuse platform. For enterprises, to construct the digital middle-end is the only way and core strategy for them to build up their digital platforms and realize digital transformation. iSoftStones digital middle-end solution can help enterprises to improve their business agility to meet the requirements for business differentiation, and, at the same time, realize the business digitalization and make big data and AI the new and vital productive forces for their business growth. Most of all, the enterprise-level capability reuse platform, which is built through iSoftStones Digital Middle-end, can realize the precipitation of application models, accumulation of data assets, and the evolution of technical framework, thus adapting to the digital transformation needs of various enterprises in different industries.

For example, the Omni-Channel Platform (OCP), which is a digital retail marketing system developed by iSoftStone, serves as a lightweight, agile and unified digital middle-end for enterprises with annual turnover exceeding RMB 5 billion. While focusing on the process automation as well as the servitization and digitalization of core business capability, OCP is able to redirect the pre-determined process of automation, and realize the rapid innovation of highly uncertain businesses, thus building up a business middle-end and digital middle-end for retail businesses. Lightweight and easy to use, OCP platform can quickly meet the business demands, and speed up the digital upgrade of business operation systems for retailers and consumer goods enterprises.

Currently, as digitalization is in full swing, its the right time to promote the digital transformation of enterprises. In the days to come, iSoftStone will continue to give full play to its rich industry experience and leading technical strength, so as to provide new impetus for the digital transformation of enterprises, and light up the new future of digital economy.

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