Huangshan Tourism and iSoftStone Signed Cooperation Agreement

On August 1, 2019, the launching ceremony for official digital platform and the press conference for digital development strategy of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Huangshan Tourism) were held in Huangshan City, Anhui Province. During the event, iSoftStone signed a cooperation agreement with Huangshan Tourism to promote a new round of digital strategic development for the latter. Feng Ma (director of Anhui Tourism Information Center), Dehui Zhang (president of Huangshan Tourism), Xiaoliang Wang (senior vice president of iSoftStone), Qingfa Li (senior vice president of iSoftStone), and leaders from relevant enterprises and government departments attended the signing ceremony and other activities.


Founded in 1996, Huangshan Tourism is a large listed company dedicated to comprehensive tourism businesses. It's well known as the first-ever listed company in Chinese tourism industry. In the advent of digital era, Huangshan Tourism has established its roadmap of promoting the lateral expansion of traditional businesses and the vertical expansion of emerging businesses, so as to forge itself into a first-class flagship tourism service provider in China.

At the press conference, Dehui Zhang pointed out that by building a official digital platform, Huangshan Tourism would meet the demands of tourists for better tourism services, keep abreast with the trend of smart tourism in the new era, promote the transformation and upgrade of tourism industry, implement the strategic decisions made by upstream authorities, and set out from a new starting point.

iSoftStone, as China's leading software and IT service provider, is committed to providing Huangshan Tourism with professional consulting services in multiple fields such as digital tourism, enterprise digital transformation, new retail, and big data. What's more, by relying on new technologies, iSoftStone will offer pertinent products and implement relevant solutions, so as to help Huangshan Tourism seize business opportunities, respond quickly to market changes, and improve the user experience and business efficiency.

After signing the agreement for win-win cooperation, iSoftStone will, by means of innovative concept and digital technologies, continue to assist Huangshan Tourism conquer new heights and keep pace with the new era, and build itself into a trustworthy partner for the digital transformation of more enterprises.


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