Does Conventional Informatization Aggravate the Role Conflict Within Enterprises? How to Realize Fast and Efficient Growth?

On July 31, 2019, the 2019 China Digital Ecology Conference organized sponsored by B.P business partners was held in Beijing. Shuwu Wu, General Manager of iSoftStone's Strategic Cooperation Department, attended the conference and delivered a speech on how to build IT service innovation capability and enable the digital transformation of enterprises.

At the conference, iSoftStone was awarded as one of the "Top 100 Solution Providers" and "Top 10 ISVs for New Retail Industry" for its outstanding contribution to digital ecology in 2018.


Nowadays, the concept of digital economy has been widely recognized among people. Along with the intensive implementation of new technologies and applications such as mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, AI, and Internet of Things, digital economy has brought great brought drastic changes to all industries. Its expected that in 2019-2022, China's digital expenditure will rise to USD 1.3 trillion.

However, for conventional enterprises, the conflict among three roles has been intensified in the wake of digital economy. One of the focal points is that: the business front-end requires fast iteration to adapt to market changes, and; the technical back-end seeks extreme stability at slow pace, while product R&D and technical innovation seek concentration.

The conflict among three roles leads to the imbalance of traditional IT architecture. Therefore, the changes are imminent.

How to solve these problems? The answer given by iSoftStone is to forge an IT service innovation system. To be specific, it's proposed to, based on the enterprise architecture (EA) consulting methodology, provide digital IT consulting services. Furthermore, on the basis of enhancing the cognitive dimension of digitalization among customers, its proposed to build the IT service innovation capability integrating the digital middle-end, intelligent business services and intelligent solutions, so as to help customers realize intelligent front-end interaction, middle-end operation of technical innovation, and cloud operation of infrastructure.

Therefore, it not only solves the contradiction in traditional IT architecture, but also realizes the fast and efficient growth, thus bringing great changes to transaction cost, customer experience, information exchange, and business growth.


Followed are some successful cases. A well-known international leading company of direct selling has undergone three transformations on Chinese market from 1998 to 2017, but failed to stop the decline in sales, which causes many misunderstandings on the market. By relying on its outstanding IT service innovation capability, iSoftStone proposed and implemented a package solution for the company, which enabled its successful fourth transformation and made satisfactory achievements. The 2018 annual financial report of the company shows that its operating revenue on Chinese market revenue has maintained a double-digit growth. In the first quarter of 2019, its operating revenue on Chinese market was increased by 20%.

Over the years, iSoftStone has always created high values for customers, thus boosting the social and economic wellbeing. Backed up by its outstanding IT service innovation capability, iSoftStone is able to push forward the nonstop digital transformation of conventional enterprises and provide additional motive power for digital economy.


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