NETLINKZ Works with iSoftStone to Brings New Private Network


A few days ago, 2019 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit was held at China National Convention Center. Many world-renowned innovative companies and public service organizations presented their latest technologies through varied sub-forums, demonstrations and solutions, and engaged thousands of participants in cloud computing discussion. James Tsiolis, CEO of NETLINKZ, and ZX Wang, Vice Chairman of Digital Business Division of iSoftStone, shared their thoughts about the cloud computing industry and the innovative research and development results.

软通动力,NETLINKZ Updating technology to bring safer private network

Founded in 2001, Netlinkz is a communications company that provides SD-WAN solutions, offers consulting services for cloud computing and OEM partners, and securely connects devices through software. It aims to become a leading provider of global communications networks and IoT solutions with its patented VIN and VSP technologies. In April this year, Netlinkz and iSoftStone announced a strategic partnership to promote application of VIN software. Currently, Netlinkz has introduced user subscription for commercialization. Wang said, both parties have set up an IoT Joint Lab to better meet needs of Chinese users.

VIN, a SDR-based high-tech global intelligent networking software, creates a virtual invisible data security transmission channel for users to easily install VIN on devices. VINs embedded in different terminals are connected by VSP products to form a private network. Like a double-encrypted WIFI connection, it may leverage the cloud to establish a private network to connect edge devices. VIN and VSP products now have hundreds of users who may connect to private network anywhere and anytime.

But how do we coordinate different brands of terminal products? Netlinkz introduced a safe, efficient and low-cost VNS product to provide a security mechanism to upload various technologies, such as cash registers, ATMs, robots, Jingdong's self-service stores and face recognition, to the cloud.

James said, through close cooperation with iSoftStone, IoT Joint Lab plans to launch a smart box product in the next 3-6 months and build VSN on chips 6 months later. The product will be a complete OEM embedded on devices. "Hackers are everywhere in the 5G era, and VSN will play a vital role."

He believed that iSoftStone, a reliable partner with a strong engineer team, may design source codes to enhance the expandability of Netlinkz's products. Netlinkz is facing the largest challenge of connecting such product to large-scale devices in China, and iSoftStone is the cure.

Deepen cooperation with AWS

James said, at the AWS Summit, companies may showcase their technology, and industry leaders in the cloud, data, telecommunications and software industries may conduct in-depth discussion.

All our VSN and VSN light products will enter the AWS cloud market. We will become one of the software providers in the AWS cloud market to provide only cloud services”, James said, Netlinkz would introduce more products in the future to promote cloud services of AWS.

A brilliant future for IoT

James believed that SDR is the future of data and connectivity security, and all cloud interactions and cloud edges required for IoT devices and sensors would be better protected. Some authoritative reports predict that by 2020, the IoT device market is expected to reach USD 50 billion, while China is an important market for the IoT industry.

He said, in the IoT era, there would be hundreds of millions of devices that need to be connected to the network. For example, a manufacturing plant will witness connection of hundreds of thousands of devices, including robots, sensors, smart cameras, computers, etc. Undoubtedly, it is a global issue to consider how to protect such network. In this regard, Netlinkz provides an invisible network, making it hard for hackers to disrupt the production process. "Facing such a broad market, Netlinkz and iSoftStone will work to bring a private network with high level of security to Chinese users."

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