ISoftStone Shares Experience in Digital Transformation for the First Time

With the digital transformation, construction of 5G, IoT and other new infrastructure is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Recently, the 5th China Industry Internet Conference and the 14th Annual Meeting of CIO Class, themed by New Infrastructure Empowers Industry Transformation, was held in Beijing. Huifu Liu, CIO of iSoftStone, was invited and delivered a keynote speech entitled Digital Transformation of Enterprises at the CIO Sub-Forum of Central Enterprises.


At the meeting, 16 companies including iSoftStone stood out from nearly 100 applicants and won the title of “2019 Outstanding IT Services Provider”. This Conference, in the presence of State Grid, CHN Energy, Sinosteel Group and many other central enterprises, pooled well-known technology experts and CIOs in the industry to explore transformation solutions of central enterprises under the trend of digital economy.


iSoftStone Takes Five Steps for Digitalization and Sets a Good Transformation Example

The future has revealed itself in a digital way. Driven by the new generation of information technology, digital transformation has become a new driving force for enterprises to realize quality growth.

Just as Huawei advocates that “be first one to use own products, iSoftStone also tries to digitize itself before empowering customers. In practice, it takes the following five steps to smoothly promote digitalization transformation: Reshape enterprise positioning, transform business digitalization, transform management digitalization, re-plan digitalization, and implement brand new digitalization transformation.

During transformation of digital management, iSoftStone, based on its needs and characteristics, has set up back offices featuring lean management, middle offices featuring professional services and business, and front offices featuring flexible operations. Such flexible organizational mode paves the way for the implementation of platform strategy.

In light of collective and cross-regional industries with varied internal demands, iSoftStone employs the middle office strategy to promote rapid development of widely distributed cross-regional services and realize non-linear growth; provide low-cost and high-efficiency sharing services through platforms in an intelligent manner; build an on-site and remote comprehensive delivery mode to meet various service and product needs of customers.

iSoftStone Smooths Transformation with Four Major Middle Offices and Yields Fruitful Results in Digitalization Construction

The transformation practice of iSoftStone undoubtedly stresses the indispensable role of middle offices in digitalization. Compared with the traditional front office + back office mode, middle offices connect digital capabilities and demands. As a vital carrier of management digitalization, middle offices enable front and back offices to operate in a more flexible and stable fashion, thereby promoting digitalization transformation and realizing digitalization operation.


At the scene, Liu shared the achievements of middle offices. Digital middle offices of iSoftStone include technical middle office, service middle office, resource middle office and ecological middle office.

The technical middle office promotes implementation of comprehensive cloud-based strategy, realizes cloud-based products/solutions, enhances product competitiveness, and provides cloud service capabilities such as PAAS to accelerate enterprise intelligence. In addition, the mobile and communication platform has become a vital platform for digital transformation, realizing asynchronous and transparent communication and shortening the response speed. Besides, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may lead intelligent operation and solve the issue of Last Kilometer.

Moreover, the technical middle office provides an employee self-service terminal, achieving a printing rate of 61% and a delivery and reimbursement rate of 73%; and offers other intelligent service products, with the robot consultation and solution rate reaching 74%, and intelligent voice telephone notification rate 70%.

The resource middle office is responsible for talent training and supply. Each year, it supplies 30,000 talents and trains over 41,000 people. The on-campus recruitment platform jointly built by schools and enterprises has realized digital recruitment and cooperated with 100 cooperative colleges and universities; the social recruitment platform, Tong Pin Bao, adopts big data and AI to pool over 4 million resumes, over 600 recruitment professional consultants and 74 ecological partners.

For ecological middle offices, digital eco-construction is adopted as a capability supplement platform to promote non-linear business growth. Its Tonelink platform focuses on customers IT needs and service experiences, and provides competitive solutions and services through a platform-based intelligent Internet match platform, thus continuously creating value for customers.

iSoftStone helps large enterprises realize business and management digitalization through five steps: Business model reshaping, product reshaping, operation reshaping, talent reshaping and technology reshaping. With informatization moving towards digitalization, iSoftStone currently serves over 1,000 customers at home and abroad in more than 10 important industries, including over 110 customers of the worlds top 500 enterprises.

In the era of digital economy, enterprise transformation should not only meet internal needs of enterprises, but serve for external ecology. So iSoftStone upholds the middle office strategy to launch digital ecological construction and boost development of digital economy. As it were, iSoftStone fully understands and complies with the trend and demands of enterprise digital transformation, and can be called as a reliable partner for enterprise digital transformation.

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