iSoftStone Enterprise Service Platform: Driving the Human Resources Industry with Innovative Practices

In the era of digital economy, innovation has become a vital driving force to promote economic growth and digital transformation. On September 4, the 2019 China HR Shared Services Center Value Awards was held in Shanghai. iSoftStone stood out from among the rest and won the HRSSC Innovative Practices Award after nearly 4 months of fierce competition. This ceremony was organized by the HR Excellence Center (HREC) and co-sponsored by Deloitte to lead the common development of the human resources industry.


iSoftStone, a large fast-growing group company, witnesses multiple difficulties in the digital transformation process. In this regard, iSoftStone deems it necessary to break the routine and conduct business restructuring in an innovative fashion.

The Enterprise Service Platform, boasting nearly a decade of shared service construction and implementation experience, excellent research and development capability, strong digital products and quality operation strengths, facilitates the digital transformation process of iSoftStone.

The Platform redesigned the business and conducted multiple surveys to pursue innovation in the following four aspects. First, it innovates the reform and transformation mode, enhances the last mile of construction service, and connects lobby service and business exchange to satisfy business demands. Second, it innovates management and organizational structure, sets up multi-line organizations, assigns service requirements to all levels, provides solutions and completes delivery based on interactive interfaces and business characteristics. Third, it innovates organization construction, establishes competency model rapidly by means of workshops, and make timely adjustments to adapt to the internal and external environment. Fourth, it innovates new technologies research and development and employs flexible multiple solutions to meet the service and management needs of different business teams.


The Platform is of great avail in innovative practice service, which greatly improves the service efficiency and business benefits of iSoftStone. Firstly, it builds an enterprise service digital ecosystem, provides more Artillery of Capability to the front line of business, and facilitates digital transformation and non-linear growth; secondly, it promotes organizational change, improves operating efficiency and saves operating costs; thirdly, it standardizes business process, stabilizes urban operations, and controls operational risks; fourthly, it cooperates with third parties to improve the organizational capacity of core teams and redesigns relevant procedures to reduce employment risks.

The Platform, as one of digital middle-end, offers high-quality, professional and efficient enterprise services for front-end and back-end, and continuously expands services to create value for customers. This award has revealed its digital services capacity and endowed it with high praise from both customers and peers in the industry.

Making great efforts, iSoftStone has embarked on the path of win-win innovation.



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