iSoftStone Adopts Intelligent Solutions to Facilitate Digitalization of the Automobile Industry

The introduction of new technologies such as AI has made auto driving a reality and pushed the digital transformation of the auto manufacturing industry to a new height. On September 8, the Seminar on the Transportation for Tomorrow, Energy Conservation & New Energy Automobiles, themed by current situation and development trend of automobiles, was held in Xiamen. At the seminar, iSoftStone delivered a keynote speech entitled Scalable Information Platform for Manufacturing Enterprises, revealing its capacity and achievements in the digital transformation of the auto industry through a middle-end system, and exploring the realization path and development status of intelligent manufacturing in the auto industry.


With huge market potential in China, the auto industry employs intelligent manufacturing to accelerate industrial upgrading from scale and speed to quality and benefit. Through a decade of efforts, iSoftStone has served over 10 auto manufacturing enterprises in an intelligent + collaborative manufacturing manner, becoming a reliable partner in digital transformation.

Facing disruptive changes in the digital age, how can auto manufacturers achieve intelligent production? In the process of empowering the manufacturing industry with digital services, iSoftStone found that a market with diverse demands is in dire need of a scalable information architecture platform to coordinate front-end market demands with back-end production and manufacturing. In this regard, iSoftStone has taken the lead in applying cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cloud computing and big data to develop a digital middle-end strategy, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to harden their digital capabilities.


What is a middle-end strategy? An IT reform, and a business and organization reform. iSoftStone establishes a middle-end, an enterprise capability reuse platform between the front-end and the back-end, to make both the front-end and the back-end more stable and flexible. Such strategy may enhance business agility, realize business digitalization and build up strong digital operation capability.

By virtue of a middle-end system, iSoftStone offers an optimal solution for the digital transformation of the auto industry. It empowers various fields such as design and research, production and manufacturing, sales and service of the auto industry through business middle-end, data middle-end, AI middle-end, etc. For example, in terms of collaborative manufacturing, such strategy helps enterprises carry out production, supply, and production line change in an intelligent manner and finally achieve flexible production.

For many years, iSoftStone has continuously empowered the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. As early as 2011, iSoftStones self-developed products broke the monopoly of foreign companies and realized the localization of ERP+MES, a core system of automobile manufacturing, for the first time. In 2014, iSoftStone was the first to complete a mixed-flow production system; in 2015, it realized cross-brand cross-factory flexible production ...

In the future, iSoftStone will continuously carry out innovation and application of intelligent manufacturing technology, promote digital innovation in the manufacturing industry, and boost vigorous development of the digital economy.

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