iSoftStone Participated in HC with Five “Cloud” and “AI”-based Solutions

New technologies, such as Cloud and AI, are enabling a new era, and accelerating the pace of an intelligent society. On September 18, the HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, themed by Advance Intelligence, was held in Shanghai. As an important strategic partner of Huawei and a diamond sponsor, iSoftStone gathered with world-renowned industry elites and tens of thousands of ICTs and technology industry representatives to explore the innovation and application of digital ecological construction.

HUAWEI CONNECT is the largest global ecological conference for ICT industry. In 2019, Huawei invited powerful strategic partners including iSoftStone to participate in the conference, with the aim of seizing the historical opportunities of digitalization and intelligence and reaching a new high in intelligence.

(iSoftStone@HUAWEI CONNECT Highlights)

Cloud-based solutions to show cloud strength

In the face of the all-encompassing digitalization, iSoftStone cooperated with Huawei to constantly make innovative breakthroughs and introduce the latest achievements. To address the issue of campus digitalization, iSoftStone demonstrated its innovative university talent training service solution at the conference. Such solution, based on ServiceStage, a micro-service cloud application platform of Huawei, satisfies core business needs of colleges and universities, which once again proves the leading cloud service strength of iSoftStone.

In the field of intelligent security, the intelligent security and park solution of iSoftStone adopts Huawei's security open platform architecture. Such solution introduces Huawei's intelligent cloud video platform IVS and SDC to satisfy specific requirements of customers. Also, it connects with Huawei's intelligent view big data platform IVD.

iSoftStone employs AI to demonstrate new plays

As Ken Hu, vice chairman of Huawei, said at the conference, connect and computing are the two key technologies in the intelligent world. In this regard, intelligent terminal is the foundation of realizing connect and calculation, which also lays a foundation for large-scale AI application. iSoftStone has been focusing on the field of intelligent terminals since 2010. It intends to provide outstanding intelligent terminal technologies and solutions, and accelerate product-based solutions and technological innovations in smartphones, smart IoT, smart homes, smart cars and other fields.


As such intelligent terminal may provide differentiated ROM customized solutions, differentiated hardware integration and overall adjustment and optimization for different terminal devices, it has been applied in thousands of cases. With the further development of AI in the future, iSoftStone's intelligent terminal solution will reach a higher level.

iSoftStone, a middle-end enabler, offers services to facilitate efficient digitalization of enterprises

Digital transformation of enterprises is one of the focuses of this conference. As a leader in digital services, iSoftStone, by virtue of its capacity and experience in digital transformation, creatively puts forward a digital AI middle-end strategy to help enterprises realize strong digital operation capability.

At the conference, iSoftStone Enterprise Service Platform, as a strategic middle-end enabler, carries out innovation from four aspects, namely, transformation and transformation mode, management and organizational structure, organizational construction, and R&D and application of new technologies. It introduces flexible solutions to provide shared services, and assists enterprises in digital transformation through various means.

In practice, the Platform first promotes the digital transformation of iSoftStone, demonstrating its enterprise digital service capability and winning high recognition from the industry.


In addition, iSoftStone displayed the capabilities and achievements of its university so as to build a school-enterprise cooperation talent training model and fill the ICT ecological talent demand gap.

In the context of thriving development of both cloud and AI, iSoftStone, at the HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, untold its leading digital service edge by demonstrating a number of digital solutions based on new-generation information technology. In the future, it will make greater efforts to innovate and apply cutting-edge technologies, live up to the title of digital transformation leader and facilitate the development of digital economy.


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