iSoftStone Breaks Through Three Bottlenecks in Industrial Development while Developing New Software Service Functions

How does the software service industry address changes for opportunities and challenges from the new economic tide? On September 26, China Sourcing Summit 2019 was held in Hangzhou themed on "Embracing the 5G·AI & Building Digital Economy". John Peng, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone, was invited and delivered a keynote speech titled "Software Defining Everything and Software Services Defining the Future", demonstrating the iSoftStone innovative thinking of software services under the digital economy, and exploring the digital business transformation and trends in the 5G·AI era.


At the Summit, iSoftStone was awarded the "Top 10 Leading Digital Service Providers", "Leading Providers in Manufacturing Industry", "Top 100 Service Providers", "Outstanding Contributors", etc. for its outstanding performance in digital services, and received profound recognitions as industry leader. Such awards are both recognition of performance and an incentive for the future iSoftStone. For further progress, iSoftStone will take the award as a new starting point, to continuously explore the digital services, advance with the times to improve digital products and services, and properly lead the rising digital economy.



The digital age highlights the software-defined anything that allows the internet of everything, and everything is controllable thereby. The advent of 5G makes its importance even more prominent. In John Peng's view, software is silently affecting the development direction of enterprises, industries and economy, and the mode of social governance. In the future, all successful companies will be data-driven, and will become software companies. Software will be "ubiquitous" and become the cornerstone of social civilization and technological progress.

The software service integrates the power of software with the market demand, giving the software a real life and fully releasing the huge potential of the software. As China's leading software and information technology service provider, iSoftStone captures the huge gap between the development of software industry and the market terminal demand, as well as the rapid and weak development of the software industry with a large amount, but small scales, and realizes that the software industry must be larger and stronger through continuous innovation to become the true enabler of the digital economy.

To this end, iSoftStone has broken through the three major bottlenecks in developing the software industry - industrial thinking inertia, customer consumption patterns and service capabilities, to make future-oriented software service innovations. By focusing on the digital transformation of traditional enterprises, creating intelligent digital solutions for the industry, strengthening R&D and innovation systems, promoting service platformization & allying with strategy vendors, and providing comprehensive digital services, iSoftStone has succeeded in creating software service innovations that are different from the past, helping the social economy to fully release its digital potential.

Under the support of digital strategies such as enterprise cloud connection, data and intelligence, customer interaction, and middle-end Strategy, iSoftStone cannot only provide enterprises with the design and implementation of various digital strategy consultancy and digital solutions, but also provide enterprises with one-on-one full services for digital transformation, such as digital technology services, digital operation services, and IT services. Since 2018, iSoftStone has served more than 10 industries including high-tech, finance, telecommunications, logistics and energy industries, and thousands of corporate customers, including over 110 customers of the world's top 500 enterprise, thus creating value for customers in various fields.

In the future, iSoftStone will continue software service innovation and create digital products and services that meet the needs of the times through cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cloud computing and big data, to help enterprises transform digitally and enable digital economy.

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