iSoftStone Facilitates Regional Development of Zhengzhou through Digital Services

Digital services are empowering local and regional development, and fostering new driving forces for modern economic systems. On September 25, the 2019 Digital Economy Summit and International Experience Sharing Conference on Henan's Intelligent Industrial Environmental Building, themed by Digital Future Splendid Henan, was held in Zhengzhou. TW Liu, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, inaugurated the Henan Research and Development Center, which marked the significant progress of iSoftStone in fully implementing its central region strategy. Besides, iSoftStone signed to become one of the first batch of the enterprises settling in the software town.


The summit showcased the latest digital economy achievements, launched international exchanges and cooperation, released major carrier platforms, and promoted major cooperation projects between China and Finland, China and Britain, and China and Germany through multiple conventions and exhibitions. During the meeting, iSoftStone demonstrated its MIS IoT platform solution and iSoftStone University talent training solution, winning high praise from all walks of life. 


The development potential of a citys digital economy counts on its software industry. Zhengzhou, a core city in the Central Plains economic region, boasts evident geographical advantages, huge hinterland market and broad development prospects. In recent years, it has increased investment invitation support, and constructed new contents including industrial applications, Internet services, AI and cultural creativity so as to boost the development of the software industry.

As a leading china innovative software and IT services provider, iSoftStone is well aware of the role and importance of digital economy in world economy, and local and national development. In this regard, it continuously empowers local and regional development with digital services, vigorously promotes high-quality development of the software industry nationwide, and provides a solid and strong support for China's digital economy. 


Relying on its digital capability and resources, iSoftStone will help Henan to build the commanding heights of new industries. In light of specific local needs, it launched the Central Plains development strategy, and introduced a headquarters base to build a digital economy industry ecosystem, thereby creating a package solution for the development of Henan software industry. 

Besides, by virtue of its strengths in software technology services and Zhengzhou's abundant local industrial talents, iSoftStone has built an Internet Software Development Center to serve as a platform, delivery base and resource base for regional businesses in Henan, and form an industrial cluster.  Finally, it took the lead in setting up a new industry-university-research value system so as to drive the development of the digital economy industry. 

While empowering local economy and boosting regional development, iSoftStone, through its profound industry accumulation and leading technical strength, also provides end-to-end digital products and services for multiple industries and enterprises, thus injecting strong momentum into the development of digital economy. 

Taking the MIS IoT platform solution as an example. It provides services such as device access, device mapping (virtual objects), virtual object management, data analysis, and application support to meet the application, management, and operation requirements in various, massive, and heterogeneous IoT devices. Also, it can be widely used in manufacturing, logistics, urban IoT, environmental protection, health, parks and other fields to extract IoT data value, achieve value-added services, upgrade industrial models, and innovate service and operation models. 

In addition, the iSoftStone University talent training solution satisfies the talent needs of ICT enterprises in an efficient and rapid fashion. iSoftStone University integrates 6 software development bases, over 300 cooperative universities and more than 1000 service enterprises to build an ICT eco-resource circle with the aim of promoting talent transfer and career development. 


Obviously, the digital economy has become a core force for the high-quality development of an all-around digitalized society. As a leading china innovative software and IT services provider and a reliable partner in enterprise digital transformation, iSoftStone will continuously make efforts to empower all fields through digital services and promote the digital and intelligent upgrading of the entire community. 


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