Closed-door Seminar on Making Enterprises Bigger and Stronger Held in iSoftStone

Recently, Zhongguancun 100 Entrepreneur Club held the Closed-door Seminar on Making Enterprises Bigger and Stronger at the headquarters of iSoftStone. Qiwen Weng, deputy head of Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, together with over 20 well-known entrepreneurs from Time Group, IGRS Information, Legend Holdings, Yongyou, Tsinghua Holdings, and CISRI, attended the seminar. TW Liu, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, delivered a summary report, elaborated on new thoughts of enterprise development layout in the context of digital economy, and shared iSoftStone's experience in empowering enterprise transformation through digital services.


Participants visited the exhibition hall to get an intuitive understanding of iSoftStone's development history. On the seminar, TW Liu introduced the development layout and business capabilities of iSoftStone, sparking heated discussion.

The tide of new economy entails digital transformation for multiple industries. As a large number of traditional companies face a digital crisis, nearly half of business leaders worried that digital-native enterprises will wipe out their businesses in the next three to five years, according to a survey by Dell Technologies. As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone is well aware of the needs of the times. By virtue of its profound industry accumulation and leading technical strength, it is committed to facilitate digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and industrial and regional digital economy development through end-to-end digital products and services.

To this end, iSoftStone makes great efforts in business and development layouts. At the business level, iSoftStone creates new driving forces for digital transformation and boosts digitalization of customers. Currently, it serves over 1,000 domestic and foreign customers in more than 10 important industries, including over 110 top 500 enterprises. At the development level, it expands the global market. After 18 years of development, it has set up over 90 branches and 25 delivery centers in 36 cities worldwide, with a total of over 50,000 employees.

Science and technology constitute the primary productive force, and digital services are ultimately driven by innovation and technology. As put by TW Liu, iSoftStone, by virtue of the new generation of information technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, AI, big data and IoT, adopts enterprise cloud, data and intelligence, customer interaction, middle-end strategy and other digital strategies to provide various all-around digital transformation services such as digital strategy consulting, digital solution design and implementation, digital technology, digital operation, and IT.


Subsequently, TW Liu, President of the Club, made a summary report. He said that iSoftStone benefits greatly from Zhongguancun, and is proud to be a member of Zhongguancun. In the end, Qiwen Weng expressed his hope that Zhongguancun enterprises would empower technology to traditional industries and promote in-depth integration of advanced technology and real industries in a bid to boost industry upgrading.

For China and even the world, digital economy is not only a new variable of economic transformation, but a new blue ocean of economic improvement and efficiency. Against such backdrop of digital economy, iSoftStone is committed to cultivating new IT driving forces to promote new development and make digital economy bigger and stronger, thereby profoundly influencing this wonderful era of great transformation.

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